How to evaluate new moving companies in Florida?

Everyone happened to encounter a move at least once in life. In the old days, this was perhaps the biggest event in life, which was prepared far ahead of time. On a fortunate day, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors gathered near the house. They helped to load numerous bags, trunks, boxes, furniture into the car. But they are doing it not very carefully because you need to manage it in a day or even in a couple of hours. For the safety of your property, they use as packing what was at hand – rags, boxes, old newspapers. With such “rules of moving” it is logical that things traveled to a new place of residence with damages. Maybe you should consider hiring Florida movers with experience. But, how to¬†evaluate new moving companies in Florida?

Get into a detailed analysis of all criteria when you evaluate new moving companies in Florida
Make sure to sift through all the data before you evaluate new moving companies in Florida.

In general, those who faced the move “in an old-fashioned way”, recalls this with a shudder and will hardly want to repeat this feat willingly. But time does not stand still, and the current market is full with those who offer to organize a professional move – the moving companies. Moving is not only the transportation of personal property, this concept conceals a set of services: packing, handling, assembling furniture, cleaning, etc. After deciding to hire residential movers in Florida, you need to evaluate them properly. After all, you do not want to make a mistake there.

What are the signs you look when you need to evaluate new moving companies in Florida?

How to choose a worthy moving company, so as not to overpay for those services? Slogans “attentive attitude to the client” or “an individual approach to your move” can mean anything you want. Because for a person who needs to transport things once in 5 years or even less often, all companies are the same.
There are signs that allow even a nonspecialist to distinguish a one-day company from a serious organization.

1. Advertisement

A responsible company gives advertising in printed publications and has its presentable information website with reviews and a list of regular customers. At your request, they can provide all additional information by fax or e-mail. On the other hand, small companies usually save on advertising and declare a minimum of information about themselves.

2. Transparent pricing

Ascending piles of coins with plants growing out of them - check for price transparency in new companies in Florida.
Remember to always check and compare prices of new movers in Florida.

On the website of a bona fide company, there is a price list indicating the hourly cost of the work. Pay attention, price too low often means a low level of service. So, sometimes the higher price is better. Also, if the price is too low, there is a possibility that they will later try to charge you extra. Therefore, checking pricing is one of the best ways to avoid fraudulent movers.

3. Staff

Studying information about the company, pay attention to the fleet and staff. About 7-10 loaders and 3-4 vehicles are optimal for the one-day company.

4. Phone call – a great way to evaluate new moving companies in Florida

The speech of an employee of the moving company may not be as clean as that of a radio announcer. But a harsh tone and rude expressions are nonsense. Employees of a serious company, even in a controversial situation, will conduct a constructive delicate dialogue with clients. This is a sign of culture and responsible attitude to work.

5. Free assessment

A serious moving company has an appraiser in its staff that provides comprehensive information on services and estimates the costs of relocation. This service is completely free! More often it is provided by phone. But if there is a large amount of work, the expert will evaluate everything on the spot. Ask as many questions as possible. If common phrases and technical terminology follow without further explanation, this is a bad sign. Detailed and clear explanations will tell you that the person you are talking to is a professional.

6. Additional services

Large companies always offer a list of related services: disassembly and assembly of furniture, cleaning, responsible storage. A company interested in good reputation will not impose it on you: “Moving only with cleaning, you have to pay for it separately.” The last word is always yours – do not let them shamelessly squeeze money out of you!

7. Contract – the most important thing to evaluate new moving companies in Florida

Calculator, pen and ruler - everything you need to calculate how good a contract with a new moving company is.
Make sure to measure every detail of the contract before signing it.

Lawyers rightly assert: “If there are no documents – there can be no guarantees.” If the question of legal registration of the transaction should be a friendly smile with a proposal to “discard these empty formalities” – it makes sense to look for another company. Having trusted and waving your hand at “paper”, you lose all rights and guarantees. An obligatory conclusion of the contract is a sign of honesty of the moving company.

What should you do after evaluating new moving companies in Florida?

If you have firmly decided to hire professionals, then you should start planning your move. You need to make sure that you have the complete schedule of your move. Not having everything planned is one of the biggest moving mistakes you want to avoid.
The next thing to do is packing. As we all know, that can be the trickiest part of your moving. There are a lot of big bulky items, as well as the valuable and fragile ones. If you don’t want anything to be broken or lost, maybe you should hire someone to do your packing. That can be an easy solution to a big problem.
After everything is done, it is time to go. Trust your belongings to the professionals and move stress-free. Just make sure you follow our advice and properly evaluate new moving companies in Florida. Have fun in your new place!

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