Essential moving equipment you must have when moving

What is essential moving equipment? It is a set of tools that make moving substantially easier than you would have it normally. I have witnessed what it means to do a move, on your own, without essential moving equipment. And it is terrible. However, we have to put one thing into perspective – it is not impossible. The tools make it far easier, and more importantly, the tools make it safe. And this safety is the most important thing that you should be after.

If you want to move things yourself and you don’t have the equipment needed, then moving heavy things will become a challenge.
Moving things yourself is an easy task if it only includes light boxes. Lifting heavy furniture requires some equipment that makes it easier and safer.

This is all, of course, in a scenario of doing a move yourself. There is quite a large number of people never really hiring professional moving services. And this is a normal thing to do. There are people who highly believe that they can complete everything on their own, and they are most commonly right. However, this is dangerous and even impossible without essential moving equipment. This problem is, however, easily beatable. How do you do it? You invest some money and proceed to purchase essential moving equipment. Once you have it, everything else becomes that much easier.

So, what is this essential moving equipment?

This moving equipment does not necessarily need to consist of something heavy or difficult. It doesn’t even have to be something super expensive. However, if you wish to really do it well – you will have to set aside some coin. In the case where you are not moving as frequently to capitalize on it, maybe you could explore an option to rent it. Otherwise, if you can estimate that you will be moving more frequently, then investing in those items might be highly beneficial.

Still, regardless of how you look at it – it is an investment. Depending on your budget you will determine which items you can invest in exactly. However, the one recommendation we have is to not avoid it. Performing a move without equipment, and God forbid, without any knowledge or experience could have catastrophic consequences. On one hand, you could save a bunch of money, and this is good. Moving is quite expensive, so any corner where you can save a few bucks is ever so worth it. But, it is worth it up until a point. Past a certain point, it stops being worth it, and it becomes a huge risk. A risk that is never worth it.

Essential moving equipment – the important list

So, if you wish to invest a little bit of money to make it easy on yourself then you need to invest in essential moving equipment. Keep in mind the fact that having this equipment does not make you an expert. However, it does make a huge difference in the entire process – making it much easier to finish everything. More importantly, this becomes much safer for you and everyone around you.

With the industry growing there is more and more of equipment laying around. But, professionals such as Big Apple Movers NYC have all the moving equipment you need for the successful move. However, there is a list of essential moving equipment, since we are not here to drain all your money. Keep it simple and keep it essential and you will not be purchasing items that you won’t use for anything.

Hardwood or metal dollies

What are dollies? It is a platform with at least two pair of wheels that you can use to carry heavy things around. These platforms are used to transport very heavy or robust items from one side to another. These are of vital importance. You can mount an incredible number of boxes on top of it and just push it down the hallway. If positioned right, and secured with belts, you could even push it down a flight of stairs with someone on the bottom of it.

Dollies are essential moving equipment that you shouldn’t be without.
Dollies are your best friends when you need to move heavy things!

Furthermore, you are not forced to arm-carry everything and risk dropping and breaking stuff.

Hand truck

This one is a blessing. It is a much lesser platform with one pair of wheels on the front. However, you can go as far as mounting a fridge on it and simply pushing it down a hallway into an elevator.

Security belts

These belts are very hardened ropes that you can use to basically securely tight anything that is to be carried with a dolly or a hand truck. Regardless of how big the item is, if you secure it with the belts there is no chance anything can go wrong!

What could go wrong without the essential moving equipment?

We will try to present a scenario that is just one of many that we have seen over the years. A group of friends realized that hiring a professional moving company is overly expensive for their budget and decided to do it on their own. This, as an idea, has no issues. However, it becomes problematic when the group of friends did nothing similar before. Carrying bags and boxes filled with clothes and similar items is fine. However, when it comes to carrying heavy items can become rather problematic.

No one prefers injury to spend some money to avoid it. So either get the equipment or hire professionals to help you.
Moving heavy loads unprepared or without the right equipment is a call for a serious injury, so do everything you can to avoid it.

They did two bookshelves and had no issues with it. However, soon after the couch had its turn to go. Taking it down 11 flights of stairs could be rather problematic, considering that it could not fit in the elevator. Long story short, after the 3rd flight of stairs the person carrying it at the beginning slipped and fell. To make matters worse, the couch landed on the person carrying.

The summary of the event? The couch was ruined beyond repair considering that one of the carry-wooden blocks snapped from the fall. Furthermore, the person that the couch landed on got bruised and had a minor shoulder injury.

This is the story with minor injuries. There are, unfortunately, scenarios that would have had far worse consequences. We just presented a minor, unfortunate one. With essential moving equipment – all of this could have been avoided.

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