Difficult moving decisions: An introduction to decision-making

Making decisions is never an easy thing. It doesn’t matter if you are picking between something as important as school choices or something as trivial as ice-cream flavor. Though, choices made under pressure are definitely among the worst. They are highly stressful and will make you doubt yourself unnecessarily. Such are choices during the moving process. With little time, limited money and a large number of options, you are required to pick quickly and smartly. Though, is that the right choice? Let’s talk about difficult moving decisions for a while and reduce the stress of your relocation!

Decision making is the same, relocating or not

The University of Massachusetts has given us seven simple steps to follow when making hard decisions. It’s time to give a short introduction of them:

Finding answers to difficult moving decisions is easy with this method!
By implementing this method, you’re certain to find the answers to any difficult questions!
  1. Identify the decision
  2. Gather relevant information
  3. Identify the alternatives
  4. Weigh the evidence
  5. Choose among the alternatives
  6. Take action
  7. Review your decision & consequences

And now, it’s time to apply this method to the most difficult moving decisions which you will soon be facing.

The hardest moving choice is usually where to move

If you’re moving due to a job opportunity, you won’t have to face this problem. However, if you’re making this difficult moving decision on your own, here’s some guidance.

  1. The first step is to know what the dilemma is. This hard moving decision is choosing the right place. Now that we know the problem, we can gather information.
  2. Consider the criteria which are important to you regarding this decision. Is it the location? Pet-friendly city? What kind of weather is perfect? And then, jot down some possible destinations.
  3. When we’re at this stage of difficult moving decisions, consider finding some other possible paths, in this case, locations. You may find an unlikely pick for a city which is perfect if you follow your criteria.
  4. Go through your alternatives and original choices and weigh them. Since you’re choosing the perfect place to move to, perhaps talk to someone who lives in one of the more favorable picks?

    One of the difficult moving decisions is where to move to.
    Where to live is definitely one of the most difficult moving decisions… There are so many options!
  5. This is definitely the hardest part when making difficult moving decisions. It’s time to choose the best alternative. You should have enough information by now to make a well-thought out choice.
  6. It’s time to organize the move and do it!
  7. Finally, after some time of living in the new place, review your decision and see if there might have been a better option. Remember, don’t regret, but use the input for your next moving experience! This will especially be helpful if you are relocating for the first time.

Another one of difficult moving decisions is usually what kind of a move you should make

As we’ve already shown you how to use the seven steps of decision-making, let’s break down this problem from a different angle. There are various ways which one can use to move. From a completely DIY relocation to getting a company to do everything for you, it all depends on what you want. If you decide to change addresses on your own, you might need to start looking friends to help you relocate. Storage is also a good idea, especially if your new home isn’t planned/completely finished yet. On the other hand, movers can also be a convenient and affordable option. Here are some questions which will help you make a decision here:

Before solving this hard relocating dilemma you should consider all options!
Think carefully before solving this hard moving dilemma!
  • How much stuff do you have? (furniture and appliances should be included in this, too)
  • How far is your new home? And, how much does this influence the cost?
  • Do you have any items which are difficult to move? (antiques, artwork, etc.)
  • Who will be doing the packing? (read more about professionals who can do the packing before answering this question)
  • Will your move take a lot of time?
  • Do you have anyone to help you?

The final thing on the list of difficult moving decisions is the choice of renting or buying

This is a dilemma where you are probably going to be doing a lot of research. Unlike our previous hard relocating decisions, it has follow-up questions. Will you be using a broker? Or searching on your own online? What are your most important criteria when buying a home? What kind of neighborhood are you looking for? All of these dilemmas definitely fall into the category of difficult moving decisions

Though, let’s talk more about the question at hand. With this dilemma, you really need to tackle one more thing first. What are your plans for the future? If your goal is to live in one place for a longer time and start a family soon, then, you should consider buying property. On the other hand, if you prefer not to be tied down, renting might be better. We would suggest using the wonderful helpful tools which you have online. A perfect example is Trulia’s online rent vs buy calculator. Not only does it help you figure out the costs, but also, gives you some more insight on helpful terms.

Finally, a couple of difficult moving dilemmas solved for you

  • Among the most difficult moving decisions is the question: After I move, how should I get around the neighborhood?

This will really depend on the location, but, here’s what we would suggest. First and foremost, leave the car in the garage for a few days. Go around your new neighborhood by foot, exploring the local spots. You may be surprised by the number of parks and nifty cafés you will find this way. If in a bigger city, take a chance on public transportation, too. Only after doing so, bring out the car. Believe us, this is one of the most difficult moving decisions solved!

  • Another hard relocating choice tends to be: Should I write everything down? Or use my phone? Or…

Moving is a messy process, so, we would suggest starting prepared. Make a binder or store all the information you will need on your phone. Some people will feel safer having hard copies of everything, while others prefer the digital version. Though, we would still suggest that you keep a hard copy of everything, including all the documents, nearby during the move.

With this, we hope to have shown you the wonders of decision-making and helped you implement the seven steps when making difficult moving decisions!

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