Dealing with a difficult landlord – NYC edition

It is not easy dealing with a difficult landlord. Especially in a city like New York where finding a new and affordable place is such a hassle. If your landlord is just being annoying there are ways to deal with that. Avoiding small talk is a way to go. Also, just nodding your head is a great way to deal with boring stories. Sometimes the landlords can be more than just boring or annoying. Sometimes they can be rude. They might have some impossible standards for their place, or they can start overcharging the rent. Even invading your privacy or dislikng pets. When they go too far, it’s time to pack your bags and look for a new place in NYC that is a pet friendly apartment. But before you do that, think about the stuff you actually can put up with and what you can agree on.

Dealing with a difficult landlord – rent control

Rent is a big problem in NYC. If you are living in a building without rent control landlords can do whatever they want with the rent basically and that might not be good for you. So what do you do? Signing a contract before you move is a way to go. Also negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! If you are a good negotiator you can get your way with a little bit of help and good luck of course.

A woman counting money and dealing with a difficult landlord.
Think about how much money do you want to spend on an apartment in NYC.

Landlord invading privacy

Invading privacy is a no-go! There are things you can work on and there are things you do not tolerate. This is something you do not try to fix. This is when you call Capital City Bins to get the estimate and choose the best bins for your items.

Finding a new place

Don’t worry, finding a new place in NYC is hard but definitely not impossible. Try to look for buildings with rent control though. And don’t worry if there are too many young people in the building, there are ways to deal with loud neighbors. You have been dealing with a difficult landlord this will be an easy task for you.

Moving away

Moving away is great for you. No more dealing with a difficult landlord for you! All you need to do now is find yourself in a nice place and pack your things. Instead of buying moving boxes, you can rent them now! And this way it’s eco-friendly. Just get everything you need packed properly and move.

A goodbye sign written on a wall
Its ok to say good bye to hassle.

When dealing with a difficult landlord, note there are nice landlords

Don’t be scared of this text, there are great landlords in NYC too. It’s a meter of luck which one you will get. Just like anything else in life. Another note – when dealing with a difficult landlord, some things are not worth your time or nerves, but on some things you can work on. Adjusting to your landlord’s wishes is ok as you are just renting but there need to be boundaries and sometimes you need to know how to handle disputes with your landlord. In the end, you are the one choosing where are your boundaries.

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