How to create additional storage space in your home

Do you live in a small home but want to keep most of your items? One of the options is to rent a storage unit, but if it is not an option for you, you can create additional storage space in your home. Just be creative and look for ideas. Use the internet and home improvement magazines too. They are full of budget-friendly ideas and small renovation projects.

Get rid of unnecessary items

If you are moving soon, you can get rid of items before moving and save money and time. If you are organizing your new home after moving, try not to make clutter and don’t use a lot of furniture. Some of the options you have are:

  • Organize a garage sale – why wouldn’t you earn some money and at the same time declutter your home? Organize a sale and invite everyone from your area.
  • Donate – to create additional storage space in your home, first, you need to keep only items you use. Choose donation organizations and fo a nice thing for someone else.
Please donate logo.
Help someone by donating your items and the right thing

Think vertically to create additional storage space in your home

Use your walls and add shelves. You can add shelves in the kitchen, living room, closet, bathroom, bedroom, garage, etc. This way, the middle of the room will be empty and you will have fewer items on the floor. If you have an extra room in your home, that’s great. Use storage ideas for your spare room and make more space in other rooms.

Adding shelves to create additional storage space in your home.
Shelves on the walls can be a modern touch and they will look great

Store items in ottoman

Another way to make more storage space is to use the right pieces of furniture. Ottomans are a perfect solution because you can sit on them, and on the other hand, to use it as a box for family photos, kids’ toys, clothing or anything else. They are trendy and can be in every color and material.

Use space under the bed

There are beds that have a storage space under. You can use it for extra pillows, linens, off-season clothing, etc. If you don’t have money to buy this bed, you can use boxes and keep them under the bed. Your bedroom will be more organized and clean too.

Stop shopping

It doesn’t matter if you create more storage space in your house if you keep shop items, there will never be enough space. If you are a shopaholic, try to buy items that are necessary. Otherwise, you will just make clutter.

Stop button.
Don’t purchase items you don’t need

Add mirrors and pick bright colors

Mirrors and bright colors on walls won’t create additional storage space in your home, but it will make your home look bigger. Like an illusion, which is also important, especially for smaller homes. Use neutral colors and wallpapers, and that will open up space. Also, play with lights and open up your curtains.


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