Costs of hiring movers in 2020

Every part of the global market is affected by market and non-market movements. Things that seem like they are not strictly in the economy can affect the economy more than some ‘pure’ economic factors. In 2020 something no one predicted has happened. A global pandemic has struck us all, and the moving market is not an exception. This change in the global market has definitely affected the prices of movers in the US. So, the costs of hiring movers in 2020. How much you need to pay the movers this year, and is it wise to move during this year? Let’s find out!

Moving amidst the pandemic – is it wise to move at all

The answer is surprising – yes! With the right precautions, you can move wherever you like in the US. Costs of hiring movers in 2020 are lower than in previous years since moving companies have to lower their prices in order to keep up with the competition on the market. Now it might be the right time to organize your relocation. Just remember to follow the instructions of your government when it comes to taking all the necessary precautions. Keep your distance when you are moving.

Costs of hiring movers is also the cost of protecting Mona Lisa from Covid-19.
moving is possible during the pandemic. Just make sure that you are prepared.

Costs of hiring movers in 2020 – what does it depend on?

Moving costs depend on many factors. Your moving cost can depend on:

  • How much stuff you are moving
  • What kind of moving estimate did you agree on
  • How much does your stuff weigh
  • Where you are moving to
  • From where you are moving
  • Which moving company did you hire
  • Time of the year

With all of that said, it is still possible to calculate the national average.

Costs of hiring movers in 2020 – national average

Hiring movers in 2020 costs between seven hundred dollars to about two thousand dollars if you are moving less than a hundred miles from your starting point. This cost includes a rate of 25$ to 50$ for each professional and a rental moving truck. It is hard to find reliable movers that are cheaper than that.

Of course, your move could be higher or lower than that, there are simply a lot of variables. But on average, moving costs 1,284$.

Moving trucks.
Costs of hiring movers is on average around twelve hundred dollars.

There are some hidden costs too

There are some other costs tied to moving directly or indirectly.

Your moving cost may go up if you decide to have insurance. There are a lot of different kinds of moving insurance, and some of them may cost up to a few thousand dollars.

Also, it is customary to tip your movers, usually around 15% of what their hourly pay is. If their hourly payment is 50$, it is customary to pay them 7 and a half dollars. Usually, you should tip your mover somewhere between 15$ and 50$. You don’t have to do that, but custom is custom.

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