California cities millennials are moving to

It is a well-known fact that a lot of people are moving to California. And most of them are young people. To be more precise, millennials. Millennials love California and there are plenty of reasons why this is so. This is a state with plenty of job opportunities as well as plenty of things to see and do. Exploring California is a lot of people’s dream since this is truly a wonderful state to live in. There are plenty of beautiful sights in nature, amazing beaches, lakes, deserts, cities, and small coastal towns in California. Who wouldn’t like to live here? If you are thinking about moving to California but you are not certain where you want to move to, we are here to give you some suggestions. This is where you can read about just some of the California cities millennials are moving to and everything you need to know about them.

One of the coastal California cities millennials are moving to
There are plenty of cities in California to consider moving to, both coastal and in-land.


The first of a couple of California cities millennials are moving to in large numbers would surely have to be Gilroy. This isn’t a coastal town but it is a short drive away from the coast. It is located below San Jose which is an amazing city with plenty of things to do. But Gilroy is a fun place to live in as well. After you find assistance to settle in nicely in Gilroy and you finally move there, you won’t have a reason to leave the town.

Gilroy has everything you need. There is an amazing park where you can take a walk whenever you feel like it. There is also a golf course where you can wind up and relax. If looking for something more fun, there is an amusement park in Gilroy as well. Those who prefer doing something more educative can go to the museum or the library. The options are endless which is why moving to Gilroy is a great idea.

Some people at the beach.
You can go to the beach even if not living by the coast.

Carmel by the Sea

A lot of millennials who are moving to California are moving there because they want to live in a coastal Californian town. And if that is the case with you as well, Carmel by the Sea is the place to consider moving. This is a very lovely small town on the coast. It is a tourist destination which is why starting a business in Carmel is a good idea as well.

These are just some of the reasons why a lot of millennials are moving to this lovely coastal town. The housing here is great and not as expensive as one would think that it is. You can relocate to Carmel with a reliable moving company such as


The third but not least important one of a few California cities millennials are moving to would be Davis. This is a beautiful small town near Sacramento where plenty of young people live. This is mostly because this is where the University of California is located but also because of the fact that this is a great town to live in. A lot of millennials who are moving to the USA from other countries are moving to Davis.

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