Business relocation – How to do it?

Business relocation is never an easy decision. Especially because long distance moves can be expensive. They can disrupt your business operations and affect your ability to expand. Because a change in location can also lead to an opportunity that doesn’t currently exist in your business. Coming to this conclusion takes careful consideration and usually includes a few scenarios.

Reasons for business relocation

Business owners relocate their businesses for different reasons. Searching for more customers, better opportunities, or facilities with more space. However, relocating a company can be very time-consuming. And, it also comes with risks. But more importantly, it can jeopardize, employee and customer relationship. Finding highly qualified employees is a huge challenge for businesses. Particularly those that rely on employees with special skill sets or expertise.

men and women in work space
Choose your employees wisely! Get professional with expertise, skills, and experience.

Another city can offer better opportunities

  • Business clients – Who are the major clients for your business? Where do they come from? Are you always on the road trying to reach these clients? Or are they always in transit just because they want to do business with you? If that is the case, then you should consider moving.
  • You have to reach the new market – Find new customers and clients. And moving your business to another city can offer you opportunities.
  • Costs of living – The cost of living, driving and a gathering of other needs that will affect your business. But it varies from one location to another. Many businesses move from the suburbs to the cities. And many others move from the city to the suburbs, all because of cost.
  • You need to expand your business

Relocation as an upgrade for business

Startups tend to start small and move up to larger, better-equipped facilities. When the time arrives to find a new facility some businesses discover that their current city needs new options. At this point, companies have two options: build a facility or relocate to another city. Most businesses don’t have the capital or time required to build a facility as well as invest in upgraded systems. The easier and more affordable option is to relocate. When a company finds itself in out-of-date or undersized facilities, it’s another reason to look at moving. Most businesses start in a small facility, such as the founder’s garage, and then move to bigger quarters in the same city. By looking outside of the immediate area business owners improve their chances of finding the location that’s best. It has to suit the company’s needs.

Modern facility for business relocation
Find a great place for your business!

Notify everyone about your business relocation

It is a perfect excuse to contact existing customers and promote your business relocation as a big deal. Find a way to keep those customers loyal. You can use a vibrantly printed newsletter, flyer or direct mail postcard that boasts the new location. Add all relevant contact information about your new address. This is also a great time to use social media for the same purpose. Upload digital versions of those printed materials and let everyone know.

Update social network profiles

Aside from changing official contact information, be sure to create a special page that announces the big move. Edit all business listings and keep social media accounts updated, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. During the move, you can also interact with customers and other followers. Like on Instagram start posting daily updates with photos highlighting the different stages of relocating.

Network, connections
Don’t forget to notify everyone about your new location!

Plan your business relocation

Preparation for business relocation is the most important step.  Determining the time frame of the move is crucial and knowing your final move out sets the schedule of your move. If you need help, keep in mind that you can use different types of moving services for your relocation. And when you are moving your business, you must start with the plan. How are you going to pack your office furniture and supplies? You’ll need to discuss this with the rest of your moving team. It is important is to start organizing early on time, because business relocation can take months.

Business relocation budget

An office move is stressful and complex. Don’t waste time, money and energy on this overwhelming task. Instead hire a reputable, licensed and insured moving company to help minimize difficulties for a smooth transition. Hiring someone will help save money for relocation.

The new location will need new marketing materials, an estimate of the location for interior and exterior. The smartest plan includes relying on business service industry professionals already working within the new community. Even with careful planning, moving a business is complex, stressful and filled with unknown variables. Besides you also have to invest in printing business cards, flyers, and newsletters. And that’s just more and more expenses.

Hire the moving professionals

Hiring a reputable moving company is a way to reduce problems associated with relocation. Professional knows how to develop timelines and create moving checklists that will help things run smoothly. Because they are familiar with the difficulties of moving. They know how to avoid common moving traps. It is important to make sure that the hired company has a great background in corporate moving. There are skilled in moving specialized furniture and equipment that is best done by knowledgeable professionals. There are many small details involved in an office move. Having a professional office mover directing the move can reduce the complications caused by overlooking these details. They can navigate shortcuts learned in the field and provide cutting-edge solutions for transporting equipment safely.

Take advantage of the fresh start

Business relocation gives you an opportunity to review your brand identity. It is advisable to use the move as a chance to brand your website and all materials that reflect your company’s image. The business name or logo may very well need to be refreshed, updated or modified to the tone and flavor of the new community it now serves.  Design and marketing specialists can sweep in with just the right advice. Also, they can ensure that the brand message continues to reach out further and bring in new customers.

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