Biggest growing business markets in USA

Every businessman in the world wants to succeed. And what better place to do so, than the United States of America. In order to do so you will need perseverance, and you need to make good choices. Making a correct choice in a situation can often be something that skyrockets your business. However, making the wrong choice can make your business income plummet. One of the most important choices you will have to make, is in what branch of business to invest. What are the biggest growing business markets in USA, you may ask. And we are here to provide some answers! Go ahead and scroll through the article, reading about the business markets in USA, and carefully make your decision.

Support mining activities

Companies that are into this branch of business really hit the jackpot. The support activities for mining include mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction. This industry topped the biggest growing business markets in USA charts in 2018, generating 44.7% of growth in sales income. It is not really known why this industry had a big spike in income. People suspect it is due to the rising demand and lower supply. The gas price are steadily going up and will probably continue to do so. This is a clear indicator of the of the aspects why this industry is one of the fastest growing business markets in USA. Also, in 2016 the industry felt a sharp blow as there were only 509 rotary rigs in use. The number has risen up to 876 rigs on average, which is a 72% increase.

Beverage manufacturing industry

It is well known that this industry had always been booming. In 2017, the sales were up by 17.1%. This industry includes everything from creating soda, to brewing beer. Soft drink manufacturers, breweries, wineries, and distilleries are the cornerstone to this industry. One of the reasons why the number is skyrocketing, is the massive increase in the number of breweries. It rose to a total number of 6.266, which is a 15.5% increase. Wineries have a slower progress, but a positive one nonetheless. There are about 8.400 wineries in the United States of America, and the increase compared to 2017 is 4%. The growth of distilleries is even bigger, standing at around a jaw-dropping 26% increase.

making beverages is one of the biggest growing markets in the usa
Beverage manufacturing industry is one of the fastest growing markets in USA!

There is also quite a bit of income from sparkling water. Sales of sparkling water have increased for 27,5% which is making the beverage industry one of the biggest business markets in USA. If you want to move to a place where you can open your beverage manufacturing facility, you should consider Staten Island. Verrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island will make your move seem like a breeze, leaving you to focus on your business!

Personal service

A lot of jobs are included in this branch. Things like dating services, wedding planning, coin-operated machines, pet care, and garages and parking lots. They are usually related to helping you with regular day to day things. Many people are too busy to handle everything. That is where personal service companies come in handy. These services exclude services such as personal care, death care, dry cleaning and laundry services. It is unknown what makes this branch of business grow, but it is most likely related to USA having a strong economy and a wide variety of jobs in the industry. You may need to hire some of these personal service workers when you are moving. They can help you transfer your belongings to safe storage units in Staten Island before you say “pie”!


This one is not know as being the hot new industry to invest in. However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is one of the fastest growing business markets in USA. The previous year has marked a 210.000 growth in job positions, with 30.000 being added in December. Installation or servicing of mechanical systems, building finishing contractors, builders nonresidential/residential, and foundation/building exterior contractors ranked highest in fastest sales growth. If you hire building finishing workers, then you must also hire household moving experts in Staten Island. NY to move you to your new home! Building finishing contractors handle stuff such as drywall, flooring, and painting. The sales growth in the industry has increased by 15.5% which makes construction one of the biggest growing business markets in USA.


People who invested in technology in the previous year really hit the jackpot. It paid huge dividends and analysts see a bright future for the industry. Companies that manufacture software for mobile phones are really on the rise now. Examples are the 3d sensing technology developed by Apple for the iPhone X, and the Ikea Place app, which uses your camera to project real size furniture in your home via your camera. Companies that make hardware for mobile phones such as microphones, cameras, and other types of gadgets are also a lucrative investment idea.

Cyber security

In the last few years, more and more companies are reporting cyber attacks. That is why the cyber security industry is on the rise. Every company and establishment should have protection from cyber attacks. Hackers can steal funds or information from you without you even noticing. And when that is done, it is almost impossible to track them. This is where cyber security companies come in handy. Cybersecurity Ventures suggest that in the time period between 2017-2021, we can expect that the consumers will pay around $1 trillion globally for cybersecurity. One of the best investment ideas for sure! This is one of the biggest growing business markets in USA, but also the world. You can invest in this industry wherever you live. You will not regret it!

Every company should have cybersecurity!


You probably heard about cryptocurrency and always wondered why is everyone so adamant on investing in it. Well, quite probably because it is one of the biggest growing business markets in USA! Even though the value is constantly fluctuating, Bitcoin (and other currencies) is a great investment idea. Be wary if you are faint of heart! The price of Bitcoin managed to go up by 10% for just one day, but it is also susceptible to going in the other direction.

bitcoin cryptocurrency
Invest in the bitcoin industry!

Whichever industry you wish to invest in and start a business, you will not regret it. All of these are a great way to increase your net worth, but only if you are careful with your business. If you are reading this article, you probably are! Good luck with your investments!

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