Best ways to prepare your pet for interstate relocation

Traveling and relocating is a part of our lives that usually bring joy. Sometimes relocations are not so joy-full and easy. Among all this, in the middle of the fuss could be is your pet. You have to think about this when moving. This is an important task, for so many people pet is part of the family, so you must take care of it in the best possible way. The best way to prepare your pet for an interstate relocation is to take care of their needs.

Preparation is the key

The smaller the pet the smaller preparations. The best ways to get your pet ready for interstate relocation is to adapt the conditions for animals. Usually, when the pet is small, it requires a smaller living space, toys and food can be packed in a bag. If you have a hamster or turtle your pet will be on the road in a split of a second. Preparations for hamster and other rodent alike pets is simple, prepare their habitat for transport, prepare few bottles of fresh water and a load of full. This should keep them covered until you reach your destination. The hardest preparations are for:

  • Fish tank transport
  • Cat preparations
  • Dog preparations

Fish tank madness

That big fish tank, with glorious decorations, full of fishes, fake reefs and so many pumps looks so amazing. But how in the world will you transport it?

Fish bowl
Be careful with the fragile stuff

Don’t worry, fishes are resilient, they are survivors. Prepare a five to ten-gallon clean bucket with lids in which you can put your lovely fishes. That way they will have some space to live, while they travel with you. Since you have moved your fishes to the bucket, time to disassemble the grand fish tank and prepare it for relocations.

Meow I don’t want to go

Cats are known for being highly territorial creatures who prefer to spend their days in a familiar place. When moving with a cat, the best way to prepare your pet for interstate relocation and your primary goal is to minimize the stress caused to a cat. Before travel, try to accommodate your cat on a cat carrier. Cats are lovers of card boxes, and hey you are relocating, you have boxes are over the place.

Cat in the box
Take care about your fury friend

Let your cat play in them, so when you relocate, she will instantly have plenty of toys (boxes) to play with. On moving day, feed the cat with a small meal, and keep her hydrated, now and then offer her a small dose of food until you arrive. Try not to release the cat from a carrier until you arrive. She will be on the unknown ground and it might take you a long time to get her back in the carrier.

Are we going out, bark?

The only creature alive that loves you more than itself is your pet dog, so be very careful when preparing him for relocation. Although they are territorial creatures they can easily get accommodate on a new one. On a trip day, take a stroll before the trip, small meals, and a lot of water.

Person with a dog
Share some love and patience

During the trip, make as many as possible breaks and small walks to relax your pet. The dog will appreciate it. Do not forget to bring the dog’s favorite toys and the bed. When you arrive, set the dog’s bed on the place where you want to be his place. This way, from the start of living on new territory the dog will know where is his place.

The most crucial thing is to be calm and prepared well. The less stressed you are, the less they will be. The best ways to prepare your pet for interstate relocation are usually the easiest ones. Prepare yourself and your pet and organize your moving as best as you can. Everything will be all right.

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