Moving during the winter – best tips

Winter is that part of the year that reminds us of holidays and spending time with our families. Most of the people don’t even think about moving during the winter season since it can make the whole process even more stressful and tiresome. Even though cold months often include dealing with snow or ice, moving during the winter has some benefits.

Keep in mind that people prefer to move during the hot season. This means that you will probably have no problem finding the best moving company for your needs. That doesn’t mean that you will not need to book your preferable moving company in advance, but it certainly makes moving during winter days a little bit easier. If you are getting ready to move during winter, here are some helpful tips for you.


When planning your move, it is recommended to regularly check your local weather reports. Weather can change from good to bad in just a few seconds. This is why you’ll need to be flexible with your dates when moving during winter. If there is a storm or major blizzard that is threatening your move, make sure you have a backup plan. Also, be ready to postpone the relocation if it is necessary. Certain weather conditions can make your move almost impossible, so hiring professional movers can be a smart thing to do. Hire the best moving company and they will work in almost any weather, but will also always inform you if they are not comfortable with moving because of certain conditions. In that case, you should be understanding and cooperative. Safety first!

A calendar to pick a date when moving during the winter.
Pick the date of your relocation wisely when moving during the winter.


The date of your relocation has arrived but there is a problem – your neighborhood is covered in snow and now your move is more difficult to manage. Whether it is snow or ice, covered driveways, sidewalks or porches, it will always delay packing and loading boxes and can even lead to some major injuries when moving during the winter. Think ahead about this scenario and prepare your shovels and containers with salt in order to avoid it. Start with the shoveling the day before your move and make sure you’ve cleared all of your walkways and driveways. After that, you can cover cleared areas with salt or even sand to ensure that no one will slip or hurt themselves while carrying your belongings.


Days are shorter during winter months. When moving during the winter months, you should start as early as you can so that you’ll have more daylight to use, and warmer temperatures for getting the job done.

Whether you have hired a reliable moving company or you are doing it without any professional help, don’t wait until your last day to start packing all of your belongings. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for all of the participants. Great idea is to make the ultimate moving checklist so that you won’t forget anything important. Also, while packing, think of the containers that will protect your belongings from the cold. Keeping your plants or old China safe when moving during the winter makes an extra challenge.

A white alarm clock.
The earlier you start the day, the sooner you’ll finish.


When moving during the winter days, you’ll need to wear warm but light clothes. It will be easier for you to work in clothes that are not so bulky or big but are still warm. Cold weather prevents you from wearing athletic wear. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear something comfortable and warm while working. The best idea for you is to dress in layers. This way, you won’t be at risk of catching a cold and can take a layer or two if necessary.


The idea of turning the heat off in the middle of winter seems ridiculous at first. It is actually a smart thing to do. When moving your boxes and other stuff you’ll constantly be coming inside and outside of the house. Your doors will be open all the time, meaning that you will need more energy to warm the house. Instead of spending even more money on your move, make sure your kids and pets aren’t at home and turn the heat off. There are a lot of tips on how to save money for your upcoming relocation.


All of the boxes are loaded and it is time to hit the road! As we all know, winter conditions are very unpredictable and you’ll need to be ready for all of them. Before moving to your new home, make sure your vehicle is fully serviced to avoid any difficulties on the road. Prepare an emergency kit for your car. Pack some warm clothes, blankets, bottles of fresh water, flashlight, emergency contact list, first aid kit. You can pack anything that you think will be useful in an emergency situation.  Also, snow chains and a spare tire are a must when moving during winter.


Even though you have followed all of our tips for safe moving out, don’t forget about securing your new home.

  • Shovels and salt – don’t start with unloading if your driveway and porch aren’t clean when moving during the winter. Only after you clean all of them, bring the boxes into your new home.
  • Protect the floors – the last thing you’ll want is to soak all of your new floors. In order to protect them, open some extra boxes and lay them flat on the floor. You can even use old sheets or any other kind of fabric that you will not need.
  • Set up utilities – don’t forget about lights and heat in your new home. If you can turn on the heat a couple of days before your arrival so that you won’t move into a cold home. Make sure all of the utilities are fully functioning.
  • Relax – you’ve taken care of all of the things. But you still need to do one last thing when moving during winter. Make some hot cocoa, gather your family, relax and enjoy in your new, cozy home.

    A fireplace, a cup of coffee, a remote, and a phone besides a person`s feet.
    Relax in your new home.

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