Best Santa Fe locations for a small gallery

Being an artist is a wonderful calling. There is nothing better than being able to create something for your soul, and for others to experience. Santa Fe is considered one of the world’s great art cities, due to its many art galleries and installations. Even UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network consider Santa Fe to be one of the most important cities for art in the world. By moving to Santa Fe as an artist, you are making yourself a huge favor. But, if you plan to open a gallery, you have to consider the location. So, what are some of the best Santa Fe locations for a small gallery? Let’s find out!

Anywhere on Canyon Road

Once a residential area, Canyon Road today is one of the most important places for art in the US. Most of the galleries in Santa Fe are located on Canyon Road. By simply walking through Canyon Road, you will encounter more than one hundred art galleries. Anything from Native-American art, to most abstract contemporary art, can be found in this fantastic place.

Even without this, having an art gallery on Canyon Road is always a good idea. It is a very busy road with a lot of pedestrians. Art enthusiasts from all around the globe, regularly travel to New Mexico, just to visit galleries on Canyon Road. Sometimes they even unpack in Santa Fe and settle.

Inside some of the best Santa Fe locations for a small gallery.
So, what are some of the best Santa Fe locations for a small gallery? Let’s proceed with the answer.

Likewise, your art gallery will be in the company of some of the most prestigious art galleries in the US. Artistic freedom is very valued there, which is proven by a vast variety of styles of said galleries. Like we already said, in Santa Fe, you can find fusions of many styles, and many ideas popping up, and nowhere is this more pronounced than on Canyon Road. Simply put, your gallery will be at the center of artistic development. All you have to do is to move your art gallery to Santa Fe and learn how to pack your stuff like a pro.

Santa Fe locations for a small gallery on an abstract painting.
You can find anything on Canyon Road. Certainly ione of the best Santa Fe locations for a small gallery.

This means that if you really want to move to Santa Fe, it would be a wise choice to find professionals to handle this. You’ll be moving expensive pieces of artwork, and you’ll have to be very careful who you are hiring.

The vicinity of Plaza

Naturally, there are a lot of important buildings around any plaza in any town. The same goes for Santa Fe. This historic landmark, and an important attraction, is surrounded by many such prestigious buildings. And we have to say, Santa Fe’s Plaza is one of the most beautiful plazas in the South. It is in that Spanish-American colonial style, but it is very well preserved that for a moment you get transported to those times, if not for the modern architecture around the Plaza.

However, whatever the case is, Plaza is a place for a gathering of people of Santa Fe. Everyone knows where you have to meet when someone mentions Plaza. This, of course, makes it a perfect place for an art gallery. Don’t you think that the vicinity of Plaza is a good place to store your art? You’ll attract a lot of people simply by being near the Plaza. That way you can show newcomers what Santa Fe really has to offer.

On and around the Old Santa Fe Trail

This iconic road once used to carry thousands to the Southwest. Today this road is woven by the fragile but gracious architecture of the old, with dotted modern architectural styles. This creates one of the most beautiful places in Santa Fe. The Old Trail has that classic New Mexican atmosphere, up until the point where it enters the center of the city. Near Plaza, Santa Fe Trail is an excellent place for any art gallery. You won’t be wrong if you decide to move your gallery further from the center. Just remember to safely pack your antiques.

This place, with a rich history, has some of the most interesting art galleries Santa Fe has to offer. There are many exquisite places on the Old Trail celebrating the culture of the people in the area. Places like, appropriately named, End of the Trail Gallery, Mountain Trails Fine Art Gallery prove that this part of Santa Fe flourishes in artistic diversity.

Here you can find some of the most important institutions in Santa Fe, such as The Museum Of Indian Arts and Culture, The Wheelwright Museum Of The American Indian, and others, that keep alive what makes Santa Fe’s art scene unique.

Just remember that wherever you want to move your art gallery too, you have to have some free space for your artwork and accessories, in the beginning, when works for the gallery are done. Thankfully, there is a way to keep valuable items safe. Santa Fe offers some fantastic storage potions that are specialized in handling artwork, among other stuff. 

Sol Y Lomas

An older subdivision of Santa Fe, Sol Y Lomas, is perfect for larger homes. But it is perfect for an art gallery. With established landscaping, your art gallery will be surrounded by artists living there. Sometimes it is better to be a fascination of people who do understand art. That way you can make a greater impact than by simply being in the dead center of attention.

Person painting.
If you choose this part of Santa Fe, it is guaranteed that you’ll gather some insiration for your art.

However, everything must be carefully prepared before you move a gallery to Sol Y Lomas. This is why it would be a wise choice if you hire professional art packers for that endeavor. You shouldn’t move delicate and precious pieces without the help of professionals.

Good luck with your move!

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