The best plants for your apartment

Whether you like them or not, plants sure know how to make an apartment feel nicer and cozier. Of course, every plant demands special and different kind of care. And because of that we always wonder if the plant is going to be well taken care of in our homes. Will it have enough sunlight, enough warmth, water. There are certain plants that are suitable for the apartment you live in or you are going to live in. So make sure to follow this guide to pick the best plants for your apartment.


First of all, think about what kind of apartment you have. If your apartment is big and spacious you have enough space for bigger plants. And if your apartment is small and crowded, big plants will just close the space even more. Next, see how much light there is. If you have big windows, small windows. Having a balcony also opens a lot more opportunities. Consider how warm it is both inside and outside. Living in a colder area makes the list of possible plants for your apartment much shorter. But living in a hot place can be bad for certain plants too. It’s important to try to think about all of these circumstances. Because it will elongate the life of the plant you are keeping which will make you feel much better about it.

Cacti on the window
Cacti are great for people who don’t like too many responsibilities.

Secondly, think about what kind of person you are as in: are you ready for it? Some plants demand a lot of taking care of, and if you aren’t ready to do it don’t buy the plant that requires that kind of care. Also, be aware of how much time you actually spend at home. If you are someone who travels a lot there are plants that don’t require almost any care. Cacti, of course.

Why is keeping plants good for you and your apartment?

Keeping plants in your apartments means that you have some kind of responsibility. Feeling responsible and important is great. It was proven that people who have more responsibilities are more hardworking. Yes, keeping plants isn’t a serious responsibility some would say. But it’s still something you have to think about from time to time. But having plants not only effects you, but it also affects the look and the feel of your apartment. Plants clean air which means your apartment will instantly feel and smell so much fresher.

The color green indicates happiness. Being surrounded by that color will make you feel happy and be and think positive, which is definitely great for some who is under a lot of stress. Some scientists say that talking to your plants not only makes you feel better, but the plant grows so much faster. They also say that having plants is great for people who are moving out for the first time to live alone as that will make them feel less alone.

Person taking care of a plant
It’s important to take care of your plants.

Picking the perfect plants for your apartment

I’m not saying that picking plants for your apartment is hard, but it’s not something that you should take as easy. There are so many things to think about, as I’ve already said:

  • size of the apartment
  • the brightness of the apartments
  • the temperature inside and outside
  • how committed are you ready to be?

After you’ve figured these out while choosing, consult a person who works at where ever you are buying your plants from. This way you will make sure that you are making the right decision and the person will give you more details about the plant you are purchasing.

Small apartments

The perfect plants for small apartments are, you guessed it, small plants. You can’t go wrong with Asparagus Fern. A beautiful plant that doesn’t require much care. Another great one is the String of Pearls. Such a unique plant, I guarantee you haven’t seen it anywhere yet it’s so beautiful. English Ivy requires moderate care, which is great for someone who likes to have responsibilities such as cutting the ivy. Peace Lilies are wonderful plants which require water almost just once a week and not much yet they are so modern and they don’t take up a lot of space. Chinese Money Plant is a small unique plant that also has a purpose. People believe that if you treat the plant right, money will come your way.

Plant on a window
Find a plant that suits your apartment.

Big apartments

If you are moving into a new apartment I suggest you first move in and settle and then buy the plants. As moving requires a lot of money and even if you get your moving estimate online you never know what can go wrong. So don’t hurry with the plant shopping, it can definitely wait.

If you live in a big apartment, you’re in luck. You have the opportunity to keep both small and big plants such as Fiddle Leaf Figs. These plants immediately bring a new life to the room by looking so spectacular. And so do Rubber Plants. Easy care but their leaves do need to be cleaned once in a while so the plant keeps looking nice. Split Leaf Philodendrons are medium-sized plants which look the best if you keep them on the floor in a fun and colorful pot. Cast-Iron Plant another one that looks great in big and spacious apartments. Polka Dot Plant is perfect for the people who have style. This is a plant with baby pink leaves, which you don’t see in your day to day life. Not only it looks unique but it also gives the room a kind of look no other plant can give.

Don’t forget to consult a professional when you are buying plants for your apartment and I hope you are satisfied with whatever choice you make in the end.

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