Best NYC suburbs to buy a house

What are you going to do if you don’t have enough refunds to buy a real estate in Manhattan, but you want to live in New York? Well, go to the suburbs! Eastern Queens, southern Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island have plenty of homes on the market. With refreshing features not often found in New York City (like a pool), all boasting less than an hour-long commute to Manhattan’s main business districts. And while looking for a place in New York, two things are for sure. You are not going to be disappointed and you will definitely find the best NYC suburbs to buy a house.

New York City
New York City has the best suburbs where you can buy a house!

Beacon – the best NYC suburbs to buy a house

Beacon is so far away from New York City that it is more likely to be classified as a vacation destination than a suburb. It is on the eastern shore of the Hudson River. Beacon is noted for its proximity to numerous historic sites and large cities. But in terms of commute times, it takes no longer to travel into Manhattan from Beacon than it does from many suburban towns.

There are so many things to do in Beacon, it has a lot to offer. In addition to its $218-per-square-foot housing prices, in Beacon, you’ll still be close to culture and you’ll be living at the gateway to the Catskills. In fact, Beacon will put you in close distance to some of the region’s best kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing areas. This likely explains why this town on the Hudson is recently attracting a growing number of millennial-age buyers. That’s pretty much why Beacon is among the best NYC suburbs to buy a house in.

Hudson River NYC
Hudson River


Harlem may be a surprise to many, and that’s because the neighborhood has always received a bad rap. It’s a place drenched in crime, economic stagnation, and decaying infrastructure. But that is the old Harlem. The new Harlem is now known as one of the best NYC suburbs to buy a house. The area took a positive turn in the ‘90s when urban renewal efforts started in earnest. Crime fell and new economic opportunities started springing up. Today, the neighborhood of a little under 200,000 residents. It is considered one of the trendier places to live in New York.

Harlem may not be better than many places in terms of housing and economics, but according to Yelp, you can find The Best 10 Elementary Schools near East Harlem. It has good public schools and generally an ideal environment for families. The nightlife is unlike any other, with trendy restaurants, hip bars, and stylish clubs.


Kenmore is a special community which has received national acclaim. It’s definitely one of the best NYC suburbs to buy a house. Here the cost of living is one of the lowest you will get anywhere in the Empire State. This community owns a growing business district, beautiful residential homes, fine schools, parks, playgrounds, and a library. Kenmore is also technically a village. Residents here enjoy the great benefit of affordability and nice schools that perform exceptionally. Even though it sounds like some remote middle-of-nowhere place, but Kenmore actually does offer some great employment opportunities. Especially in the region’s thriving science and technology fields.

Median home prices average $111,200 and rent prices are also some way below the national average at $681 (versus $928). This is definitely welcome news for anyone looking to settle here, but not so much from a real estate investment perspective.


If you want to know what is the best NYC suburbs to buy a house, then Bronxville should be your choice. Especially if you are looking for a place that is close to Manhattan. The town, with a current population just under 7000, is only fifteen miles north of midtown Manhattan. And despite its reputation as an exclusive enclave, the town, which was fully developed by the 1940s and hasn’t changed much since, is still not out of reach for most middle-class families. Bronxville have charm, character, and sense of history. It is filled with lush green yards, towering trees, and beautiful homes.

Usually, the average two-bedroom condo in Manhattan is well over $2 million. So, if you want to move there, the first thing you need to know is how to find reliable and cheap movers. But in Bronxville, you can buy your home for less. Between $1 million and $2 million, one can currently find a wide range of five- to six-bedroom homes in Bronxville, and on the lower end of the market, one can find two-bedroom apartments for well under $300,000.

Windsor Terrace

Windsor Terrace is a small residential neighborhood in the northwestern part of Brooklyn. It’s known by many beautiful historic multi-family homes. This place has a suburban charm and also offers the convenience of living in the city. There are plenty of good schools in Windsor Terrace. But they cannot match the standards of some other suburbs in NYC. The area really shines when it comes to crime and safety, diversity, nightlife, and desirability for families. So, if you like it and you want to move here, don’t wait, start with creating the ultimate moving checklist.

Brooklyn has one of the best NYC suburbs to buy a house.
Suburbs in Brooklyn are a good idea when it comes to moving.

Jackson Heights

When you are in Jackson Heights, it doesn’t matter if you are a visitor or resident you will find yourself facing the essence of New York City’s unique brand of chaos, noise, and cultural mix. You see, Jackson Heights is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in all of Queens. And it’s no wonder why here people speak 167 different languages.

But, what Jackson Heights makes the best NYC suburbs to buy a house is definitely a family. Because of thanks to easy access to public transport and nice public schools. The area is located in the northwestern section of Queens, and the residents of this neighborhood consider that fairly attractive. Because Jackson Heights has beautiful friendly homes, schools, jobs that are just around the corner, and top medical facilities. And in the end – it is quite easy to move there. Right?

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