Best neighborhoods in Staten Island to live in

New York has always been a popular destination for relocation. However, New York City is a very broad term if we look at its size. It is not easy to choose between the 5 NYC boroughs since they all have something splendid to offer. Lately Staten Island’s popularity is significantly growing and with good reason. If looking to move to Staten Island there will be a lot to take into consideration. To help you out we have put together a list of best neighborhoods in Staten Island. So, let’s see what this exciting borough has to offer.

Best neighborhoods in Staten Island to relocate to

Staten Island is best known for its local ferry, friendly residents and supreme street pizza. There are multiple areas to choose from, which is great because everybody’s wants and needs can be met. The best part about the variety of neighborhoods is that they all have a certain appeal to them. Now, all you got to do is make the right choice for you and your family. The way things are going, Brooklyn might not stay the most exciting borough, because Staten Island is following in its footsteps and will soon catch up.

A slice of pizza lifted from a huge pizza pie.
Once you move to Staten Island, enjoy all the pizza you can eat.

New Springville

This full of a potential neighborhood is located in the center of Staten Island. Since it is positioned close to the mall and CUNY it is a great place for young individuals and young families. The excitement doesn’t end there. Don’t let the proximity to the mall fool you. This neighborhood is filled with nature and hiking paths. Thus, if you are looking for a place that can cover your appetite for the outdoors, this just might be the place fo you. Think about it! This just might be the NYC neighborhood that best fits you.

High Rocks

For those that are looking for a peaceful community with luxurious homes, High Rocks is the place to be. This neighborhood is located next to High Rock Park and it is considered to be one of the best neighborhoods in Staten Island. This area also provides great access to nature and hiking roads. Unlike any other region in Staten Island, here you can find large homes that even have ranch lands. You can expect easy relocation in this part of the city.

A barn on a big large property.
Finding a property with ranch within the best neighborhoods in Staten Island is a huge treat.

West Brighton

This neighborhood is considered to be one of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island. Consequently, there is no surprise that it just had to appear on our best neighborhoods in Staten Island list. Many houses in this area were built in the 1950s. Because of this, the neighborhood has a unique vibe to it. Still, there are many new developments happening, so if you aren’t into the vintage look you will have other options. Choosing a property that you truly do not love is one of the biggest moving mistakes that you can make.


This popular neighborhood is also well known as Woodrow. It spreads through the sought shore of Staten Island. One of the greatest facts about this area is the wide range of real estate that you can pick from. You can find whatever floats your boat. Real estate ranges from super high-end properties to simple and small properties. This way nobody will be left empty-handed. This is a real estate agent dream come true. No buyer will be left emptyhanded. In addition, the school system is impressive, and the crime rates are extremely low. Therefore, this can be a great choice for you and your kids. All of these facts make this region on the of strongest contenders on our best neighborhoods in Staten Island list.

New Dorp

This unique neighborhood is filled packed with colonial homes. Thus, it is only expected that it screams vintage. Still, the beach and the park give it an additional edge over other best neighborhoods in Staten Island. What really makes this zone interesting and unique is the story behind it. In a not so far past, the military used it as a recreational facility. All of these characteristics make this neighborhood a great fit for seniors and families with kids.


If you move a bit south of New Drop you will run into Oakwood. This cozy neighborhood is deemed to be perfect for young couples and young families. If you are one of the lucky once you might be able to score a property with the view of the Oakwood beach. Oakwood has a very impressive school system that consists of both high quality private and public schools. Accordingly, moving to this neighborhood might be a great investment in your kids’ future. What can equip them to succeed more in life than a high-quality education?

Sunset on a beach illustrating best neighborhoods in Staten Island.
Find a home overlooking the beach so you can wake up with a sunrise every day.

Hire professionals to make this relocation happen

Of course, you can do the house hunting and moving process on your own. However, for the best results, you should truly consider hiring professionals. Before anything, you must find a property that you would like to purchase or rent. This is where an experienced and dedicated real estate agent comes into play. Once you have found what you were looking for, you can start planning your moving process. Yes, hiring professional movers is expensive. Yet, it is worth every penny when you take into consideration everything that will be done for you. Plus, let’s not forget the stress that you will be spared from when hiring professional movers. So, don’t hesitate and go to to book your move.

As you can see from our best neighborhoods in Staten Island list, there are many great places that you can move to in this great NYC borough. Actually, we didn’t even mention all of them because we could go on for a while. However, only you can know what the best for you and your family is. Happy house hunting and moving to Staten Island!


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