Best LA suburbs for young couples

Los Angeles is a very popular moving destination among young couples. There are plenty of reasons why this is so. LA is one of the most lively cities in the whole country and it has everything one might need and much more. People from all over the world move to LA because of how great of a city to live in it is. But Los Angeles is very big. There are hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from when thinking of moving there. And making the final decision is not easy as most of these neighborhoods are a great option for living. Especially if you are thinking about moving to the suburbs as they are a far better place to settle in. But some are better for young people than others. And if you want to know just which LA suburbs for young couples you should consider moving to, you are in the right place. We are here to tell you more about a couple of suburbs you should definitely consider relocating to.


The first suburb you must know more about is Alhambra. Alhambra is located very close to downtown LA but after moving there you will realize that living there is much different from living in downtown LA. You will not feel like you are living close to the busiest part of the city if you are living in Alhambra because of how amazing this suburb is. It isn’t the most peaceful out of the ones we will tell you here about but it definitely is as peaceful as it can be considering its location.

Downtown LA.
Living in Alhambra means living close to downtown LA which is a big plus.

Housing in this area is expensive but not as expensive as one would assume. According to professionals, the average value of homes in Alhambra is around $895,869. This is not a small price to pay for a home at all but when you consider that it is a Los Angeles suburb we are talking about and that it is located so close to the city center, the price is nothing. When you get to see the homes just then will you realize that the money is worth it. You will also easily find a home to rent in Alhambra before you decide to purchase one. And when you do and it is time to move, area’s experts can jump in and assist with the process of moving from one home to another.

Temple City

Located northeast of downtown Los Angeles at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, Temple City is another one of the best LA suburbs for young couples. It isn’t far from Alhambra but it is located further away from downtown LA. It is a more peaceful area which is perfect for young couples who are planning on starting a family and having children. There are plenty of things that make moving to Temple City a good idea and it is why millennials are moving here as well.

One of the things is that it is a safe suburb to live in. Here, there are no tourists. They have nothing to do here. But this doesn’t go for people who live here. You will have plenty of things to do here. For starters, you can easily go hiking any time as you are close to the Gabriel Mountains. Temple City Park and Live Oak Park are also places where you can spend time outside enjoying your free time. This is also where you will be able to meet people who already live in the neighborhood.

Gabriel Mountains.
You can go hiking any time if you move to this amazing suburb because of its location.

If you are planning on having children, having a big home might be important for you. And this sis where you will certainly find them. For both rent and purchase. The prices of homes in this suburb are a bit larger than the ones in Alhambra. But that is only because the homes are more spacious and new. If you do decide to move here, Royal Moving Company can make relocation easier no matter where you are moving to Temple City from.

Monterey Park

If living somewhere where there are plenty of parks and beautiful nature is important to you yet living too far away from the center of the city is not an option, there is a perfect place for you and it goes by the name Monterey Park. It is one of the best suburbs for anyone to live in, not just young couples. But young couples will love it here. Especially those who are newcomers to a big city such as LA. It can be overwhelming this is why such a peaceful neighborhood is a much better option to live in for starters.

Los Angeles from a mountain.
Living in Monterey Park has plenty of pros.

Monterey Park is where you truly have everything you need. There are over ten parks in this area. And these parks are where you can spend lots of time with your children or pets. The schools in Monterey Park are one of the best in the whole of Los Angeles, at least that is what they say. A lot of young people already live here as this is where East Los Angeles College is located. Because of that, affordable housing can be found in the area. But finding housing here is going to be a long process because a lot of people are planning on moving to one of the best LA suburbs for young couples which is Monterey Park.

Highland Park

Last on the list but certainly, not least, is Highland Park. This is where people from all over the world and of all ages move to. It is a very multi-cultural suburb. And having your children grow up in such surroundings is definitely a good idea. Especially when you live in California. Moving to the city center also means living in a multicultural surroundings but it is not the best place for children to grow up in.

Housing is more affordable here which is why this part of the city gained so much interest from so many people around the globe. But cheap housing is not the only thing making Highland Park one of the best LA suburbs for young couples. It is also the fact that the community is close and that you truly have all you need in your surroundings.

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