What are the best East Coast cities for families?

As a parent or someone who is about to be, you probably wondered what are the best East Coast cities for families? When it comes to raising children and family life it is very important for a city to provide everything a family needs. Starting from social life for both kids and parents, good educational facilities, sports activities etc. In this article, we will provide you with what we think are the best choices of cities you can live in with your family.

What are the traits of best East Coast cities for families?

Before we begin our list, there are certain traits you should be aware of. As with every city, there are surely some pros and cons of living in them. One of the concerns you should have is how much would moving to East Coast cost you. That is why it is not a bad idea to check what can Big Apple Movers NYC provide you with. Here are just some basic overall traits you must use as a determining factor before moving to them:

  • Being child-friendly – If cities have a large number of children in them, they tend to be more child oriented and friendly. They will probably have a lot of extra activities aimed at them.
  • Quality of education – This is probably the most important trait best East Coast cities for families can have. Sometimes comparing the quality of education between cities can be exhausting, but don’t let that put you down. This is very important to know for the future of your child.
  • Costs of housing – As with everything, money plays a huge role here also. Affordability means a lot to you and your family. Cheaper places do tend to lose quality, but that is something you will have to get used to if you want to save some money.
  • Safe community – Last but not least, the most important factor is how safe is your neighborhood? Living in a safe environment will provide you with a lot of time you can spend on other activities, and not for worrying what can happen. And to be honest, we all want to raise our children in the safest place.

Brooklyn, NYC

The reason why we picked Brooklyn as one of the best East Coast Cities for families is that now the city is undergoing a large development campaign. Government and city officials are investing more and more time and money into making this place more safe, family-friendly and good for raising children. Brooklyn provides with a lot of family-friendly activities during the year. From theaters, concerts, movies, libraries, not to mention that it has one of the best sports communities for children in the East Coast.

As for schools, Brooklyn is rich with both public and private schools you can choose between. There are also a lot of private tutors in Brooklyn. These are just some of the reasons why you should move to Brooklyn with your family. After choosing the right place in Brooklyn, you should move there without stress. There are a number of reasons to hire Brooklyn moving services if you wish to move without any problems.

Brooklyn provides with a lot of family-friendly activities
Brooklyn is one of the best East Coast Cities for families

Chicago, IL

Chicago is one of the largest ever-growing cities on the East Coast. In recent years there has been a lot of investment in it. As far as it goes for education, Chicago has over 400 schools in top two tiers. And in the last year, they added 40 more. Which only means that the quality of education in Chicago is constantly on the rise. Costs of housing in Chicago can vary from low to high depending on location. Make sure there are a lot of family-friendly activities in your area before choosing to settle in there. As for crime rates here, you probably already know everything from the news. They are significantly dropping since the presidential elections. But as with every big city in the US, this is a flaw that can’t be completely avoided. But don’t let that cloud your image of Chicago. His quality of life and good people is what places him as one of the best East Coast cities for families.

Jersey City, NJ

What puts Jersey City on this list is his variety of options you can have with your family. Jersey City is a lot closer to NYC than some actual NYC boroughs. He places just across the Hudson River and it is well connected with other places. Traveling time is approximately around 30 minutes. Depending on the path you are choosing. When it comes to renting, Jersey City can be a lot cheaper than NYC, and it is not that far away. The rent costs can wary from below 1000$ and up. And if you are lucky you can find yourself a nice place to live. All the best East Coast cities for families have one quality in common. And that is a large number of kid-friendly places. Jersey City is filled with family-friendly restaurants, theaters, sports clubs, and diners. Which can make going out with your family a lot easier and fun. As for schools and education, Jersey City is placed among highest tiers when it comes to quality of education. What is also important is that on weekends you can escape from the urban parts of the city to the more comfy and rural ones that are filled with all the activities a family needs.

Jersey City, NJ
What puts Jersey City on this list is his variety of options you can have with your family.

Washington, D.C.

No list would be complete without mentioning the state’s capital.  In the last years, the city soared when it comes to happiness and charm index. The numbers of new free museums you can visit, alongside with farmers markets, libraries, colleges, and playgrounds. Based on the latest surveys, citizens are happy with the education, community, and health. Which means that crime is low, the job market is great and costs of housing are not expensive. Education in D.C. is great as well. According to overall results of tests in public and private schools, it is clear why they placed it high on educational rank.  The District spends a lot of money on their schools than any other city. There are also a lot of choices of public and private schools, both for toddlers and teens.

Living in Washington
Washington, D.C. – the great place for you and your family

There are certainly many more cities we could put on this list, but this is what we thought are the best East Coast cities for families. If you are already living in one of them, share with us your experience and thoughts. Your feedback means a lot to us and your community. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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