Best art galleries in Brooklyn

Are you passionate about art? Are your Saturday and Sunday reserved for browsing art galleries? If you answered YES to both questions, then Brooklyn is the place to be for you. Since Brooklyn is by no means small, it only makes sense that there are many options. Therefore, it might be difficult to choose which galleries to visit. Have no fear, we are here to help. Our list of best art galleries in Brooklyn will give you just a little taste of what Brooklyn’s art scene has to offer. After you read this article, the rest is up to you. You will find your favorite on your own.

Why are the best art galleries in Brooklyn so amazing?

In the past few years, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn has been a huge trend. Since many realized that the rents are lower and the commute to Manhattan is fast and easy, Brooklyn became the hit place.  Therefore, it was no surprise, when art gallery owners jumped on the Brooklyn moving train. There are many moving companies in this region, that provide supreme moving services. No need to do this on your own. In addition, there are countless sites and articles on tips that you should know when moving to Brooklyn.

a wall filled with photos
Photograph and photos are common in best art galleries.

Best art galleries in Brooklyn

Let’s not keep you in suspense. There are so many choices we need to go through together. If you look at neighborhoods in Brooklyn, almost every neighborhood contains some type of art gallery.

It is not easy trying to relocate your art exhibit, but the possible gains are a good motivation. For that reason, Williamsburg became one of the most popular neighborhoods.

A.I.R. Gallery

If you are a fan of temporary art, you shouldn’t skip this place. Artists in Residence, Inc., also known as A.I.R. Gallery, was established in 1972. In the past, this gallery was between a couple of locations all over New York. Its current home is in Brooklyn, Dumbo. Above all, this gallery is known for representing feminism. So, if you are into contemporary art and you support feminism, don’t skip this place.


Gallerie’s founders are associates Rob de Oude, Carl Gunhouse, Sara Jones, Rod Malin, Tom Marquet, and Mel Prest. When you walk into this gallery you will get a cool, modern, temporary and minimalistic vibe. This is no surprise since the gallery was first opened in 2014. Transmitter’s location is also a home base of Microscope Gallery and Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Does this hit your spot? If it does, head to Bushwick.

A girl looking at paintings in a museum
Feminism has a big influence on art.


Another young gallery, founded by Riley Duncan, Rosie Motley, and Curtis Wallen. We can characterize this gallery by young visitors. Also, this gallery presents young, hip and cool new artists. This is the main reason it is considered one of the best art galleries in Brooklyn. You can find this gallery in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery

This gallery is not known by a specific type of art. This is the main reason you should visit it.  Unlike in other galleries, here you never know what you will find. This makes every visit to this gallery exciting and unpredictable. This gallery was opened by Brian Willmont. Another cool fact about this place is that the day of the opening was in 2013, in a historic warehouse. As you can guess from the name, this fascinating art place is in Greenpoint.

Theodore: Art

Do you like a mix of US and European culture? If you do, head on over to Theodore: Art. Stephanie Theodore founded and opened this impressive gallery. Very quick after opening, you were able to find this gallery on all best art gallery list. In addition to presenting art that can move your every sense, this gallery provides consulting services. Head to Central Brooklyn and see if this gallery is your cup of tea.

Minus Space

This gallery might have a minus in its name, but when you visit it you will learn there are no minuses about it. This place is put on our prestigious gallery list because it is known for “reductive abstract art“. The motto of this place is less is more. Simplicity, minimalism and flat structure are just some ways to describe art pieces presented in this gallery. Since it is located in Dumbo, you can visit Minus Space and A.I.R. Gallery in one art outing.

As you can see, many art projects are everywhere around us. If you do decide to relocate to Brooklyn, ask for moving assistance when moving out of Williamsburg.

Let’s look at the last suggestion for today.

Kustera Projects

Even though it is currently in Red Hook, BK, Kustera Projects did not originally come from Brooklyn. This is a small and cozy gallery, opened by Anna Kustera. Anna is well known to New York’s art scene. Her work in this industry, which is over 20 years, gives her credibility. Therefore, it is no surprise that this gallery is on the best art galleries in Brooklyn list. This space has an iconoclastic vibe to it, that you shouldn’t miss.

A bridge in Brooklyn
Brooklyn is a perfect mix of trendiness and culture.

Is it smart moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn? For some, it may or may not be. However, it looks like it is paying off for many gallery owners. This is especially true, for owners of galleries that are on our list. It is not a surprise that both commercial and residential real estate is in demand in Brooklyn. Currently, in Brooklyn, you can find a mix of many cultures. Which is why it has an appealing funky vibe. Should you decide to move to Brooklyn, keep in mind that there are many different moving services that you can use.

All things considered, moving or not to Brooklyn, make sure you check out at least some of the mentioned galleries. Our best art galleries list is just an appetizer when it comes to Brooklyn’s art world. They are the creme de la creme in the art gallery world. However, there are many more art galleries and art happening to check out in the BK. My suggestion would be to make a bucket list of all the best art galleries in Brooklyn you would like to see. If we can have our best art galleries list, so can you.

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