Benefits of using plastic bins when moving locally

Do you have plans of moving locally soon? Well, we are here to help you prepare. Also, we will help you with some tips and tricks for the most boring part of relocation – packing. Packing is boring simply because you like everybody else have a lot of household items. They all need to be packed and some of them prepared before packing in order to stay safe and sound during the transition. Even it’s for down the street you need something sturdy to put your belongings. We recommend using plastic bins for this and here is why.

Few reasons to use plastic bins when moving locally

  • you rent them so you don’t own them and don’t have to get rid of them after your relocation is over
  • it’s more eco-friendly to use (and recycle) plastic bins than to buy every time new moving boxes that will be thrown away every time
  • they are sturdy and they will keep even your breakables safe
  • if you rent them you simply call the movers and they bring them over you don’t have to run around town in search of perfect boxes just for this
  • they are pretty inexpensive
recycling bins
Recycling is important and renting plastic bins is a much better approach than buying moving boxes and throwing them away in few days.

How to store sensitive items?

Since you are moving locally you don’t need to think about the long journey and bumpy roads but you still need to secure all the breakables. Most likely you will be doing everything on your own or with help from a friend. We recommend you try box dividers and bubble wrap to keep everything in one place. But, if you want a more eco-friendly way then there is a different approach. Wrap breakable items in something soft like a small towel or something similar and put something also soft like a t-shirt between two breakable items as a divider. You are already bringing your clothes and towels so why not use them to keep your belongings safe on the way to your new home?

packing clothes before using plastic bins when moving locally
Packing breakables can be tricky but we showed you some tips for that. Luckily packing all other items you have like clothes will be quite easy.

Where to find plastic bins?

You can buy them in every big chain store like Ikea or Target but we already mentioned that it’s the smartest and best approach if you simply rent them. Most movers have that as an additional service so check out online movers near you and you will find an ideal solution. They can even help you with heavy lifting if the relocation gets tough. So, keep that in mind too. If you buy the bins you have to find a place for them in your new house. If you already have the use for them after the relocation then go for it they can be great for storing something and the next time you move (if there is a next time) you can use them again.

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