The most beautiful towns in New Hampshire for those who love peace and quiet

 Seeking a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of large cities is becoming more and more popular. Keeping up with the fast pace of metropolises can become quite tiring after a while. So, as a solution, people start looking for a quieter place to live. Yearning to return to nature and simpler existence, you might come across beautiful towns in New Hampshire. Among the numerous country towns we’ve hand-picked five most charming ones that will have you packing your bags this instant!


If you’re looking for reasons for moving to suburbs, then here’s a perfect NH country town. Deerfield is a perfect solution if you’re looking for a rural setting that is still connected to amenities such as the beach or the Mall of New Hampshire. The town has somewhere around 4,200 citizens and it’s a tight-knit community where you’ll fit in quite easily. It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in New Hampshire as it’s surrounded by mountains. Because of this, most residents here embrace the outdoor lifestyle, so it’s a great choice if you’re a nature enthusiast. Other than that, it’s also quite a good place for raising kids, as the town has a fairly new elementary school. However, when it comes to secondary education, there are no high schools in town. Most of the students from the city attend Concord High School via a school bus. The main town event is the annual Deerfield Fair, which is also the state’s largest agricultural fair. All things considered, this is a picturesque little town for anyone who wants to experience the joys of rural living.

a view of Deerfield Lake
Deerfield, one of the most beautiful towns in New Hampshire, is a perfect place for all nature lovers


Here’s another small town that has almost the same number of residents as Deerfield. It’s perfect for those who are thinking of moving to even quieter neighborhood. The area around Northwood, as the very name suggests, is mostly a wooded area, with the exception of the businesses along route four. When it comes to stores, most of them are antique local shops. Here you’ll find stuff like collectibles or souvenirs, as this is mostly a drive-by town. Those who do live here are mostly older people, so it is a great town for people who want to retire to a calmer part of NH.

an antique shop in Northwood, one of the very beautiful towns in New Hampshire
As a drive-by town, Northwood has plenty of charming souvenir and antique shops

Keep in mind that there’s not much to do for kids in Northwood, so family life here might not be such a good idea. Still, the town’s Recreation Department is quite active in organizing all kinds of events for the residents of all ages. From enjoying your time on the beaches near Bow Lake and Northwood lake to participating in sports programs, this town has it all. Relocating to this country paradise sounds quite idyllic, doesn’t it? Keep in mind that if you decide to move here, hiring a local moving company like is the best solution.


When looking for beautiful towns in New Hampshire, you cannot afford to miss out on the state’s first capital. This town has a rich historical significance, but it’s also famous in the academic sense. As a matter of fact, Exeter is home to Phillips Exeter Academy, esteemed as the best boarding school in the U.S. Add a close-knit community to the mix, and there you have it – a perfect family town. The people here are really heart-warming, which means you don’t have to worry about introducing yourself to neighbors. The only downside is that taxes, as well as real estate, are on the expensive side. Still, if your income can handle it, this is a truly charming place to live. The perfect location makes up for it though, as it’s only 10 minutes away from the seaside and less than an hour car ride from the mountains. This means that the terrain here is suited for all kinds of different activities, from hiking to kayaking on the Squamscott River.

Overall, this historical New England town boats ancient buildings and a bustling downtown area. Relocating here has never been easier, as moving companies offer a simple way to move to your new place without you even lifting a finger.


One of the many reasons why you should move to a small town are outdoor activities. Thankfully, Merrimack offers plenty of ways to spend time in nature – from parks all the way to natural preserves. Another reason to consider moving here with kids is a decent school system. The best part about this town is that it manages to blend rural and affordable so that you can live quite comfortably. Plus, you won’t have to worry about employment, as Southern New Hampshire offers numerous job opportunities. In fact, many people commute to work in nearby cities like Boston, Nashua, Manchester, or Concord.

But the main reason why Merrimack is among the beautiful towns in New Hampshire is its wonderful festivals. Rock’n’Ribfest and Poutine Fest are especially interesting and draw many tourists to the town every year. This is truly a great town for all beer lovers, as the Budweiser Brewery experience is the main tourist spot. The downtown is much livelier, so you can enjoy both sides of the world living in Merrimack.

a Budweiser beer bottle
The Budweiser Brewery is one of the main factories in Merrimack, which is why people flock here in search of jobs


Peace and quiet are the qualities that can be found in the town of Windham as well. Another family-friendly town, as it has many wonderful museums and parks for you to visit. This is mostly a wealthy town, so the prices do dent to be on the higher side. Still, excellent education really makes up for it. Of course, the high prices are mostly reserved for real estate, while the rest of the costs are more or less the same as everywhere else in the country. The main attraction in Windham is the Cobbet’s Pond, which proves to be very useful all year round. Whether it’s fishing, recreation or boating – you name it, it can be found here. All things considered, the community feel and the country-like setting will easily draw you in and make you feel at home.


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