An honest guide to Queens neighborhoods

There are plenty of Queens neighborhoods. Maybe even too many to count. This is a huge part of the town. Generally speaking, Queens is a great place to live, and one of the faster-growing boroughs of NYC currently. Many people are actually trading Brooklyn for Queens nowadays. But not all parts of this borough are the same. They can all be a great place to live depending on what you are looking for in a neighborhood so we will explore just that now.

One of the best Queens neighborhoods for young professionals – Astoria

Astoria is located in the western portion of Queens. When it comes to prices Astoria comes as the third-most-expensive neighborhood in the borough. So, if you plan to relocate there you need to consider this fact as well. With that being said, we also need to mention that young professionals fancy this part of the town because of the many job opportunities that are available nowadays. This neighborhood was known as the Greek part of the town, but there are plenty of Italian, Brazilian, Baltic, Irish, and Egyptian descents as well. If you wish to relocate here, make sure to call to help you with all your moving needs.

Astoria, one of the Queens neighborhoods
Currently the fastest-growing part of the Queens.

The best place to live in Queens – Forrest Hills

Forrest Hills was many times voted the best place to live in Queens. Many families, as well as young professionals, and retirees too live in Forest Hills. If you are wondering about politics – residents tend to be liberal here. The good news for people with children is that in Forrest Hills public schools are rated above average and that is always an important factor when deciding where to relocate.

Jamaica Estates is sort of the “capital city” of the Queens Borough

Jamaica Estates is known to be a wealthy neighborhood of Queens Borough. Actually, it is considered one of the most expensive, beautiful, and exclusive residential areas in Queens. That is the reason why it’s so popular. This neighborhood has the best walkability. Another great thing is that it’s a pretty safe part and there are rarely any incidents there.

Auburndale and Middle Village are the safest places among Queens neighborhoods

We already mentioned that Queens is generally speaking not a very problematic part of NYC but there are two neighborhoods that have the lowest crime rates. Auburndale and Middle Village are the two safest neighborhoods we mentioned above. Seniors and people with kids usually consider this when they are choosing a new place to relocate, but safety is not the only criterion.

The best parts of Queens for people with kids

People with kids have more problems deciding where to move to and tend to consider proximity to schools, but also the rates of the said schools. Safety and healthcare is also big factor. So, according to those and many more factors, we made you a list of the best Queens neighborhoods for families:

  • Bayside
  • Long Island City
  • Bellerose Manor
  • Sunnyside
  • Flushing (for the millennials fun fact – this is a place where the “Nanny” TV Show was set)
  • Kew Gardens
  • Ridgewood
watching TV shows
Do you remember that old sitcom starring Fran Drescher?

Best senior locations

For seniors (over 65) and retirees, the most popular neighborhoods are Bellerose, Glendale, and Bayside. Some of the best senior living solutions can be found here. When it comes to senior relocation, often they need a bit of help in that area. The Elderly can not do the heavy lifting and sometimes (especially if they have a lot of household items) they need help with packing too. Luckily, they can turn to certified people for help. Queens local movers can do everything from packing to settling in.

Seniors talking with movers
Seniors usually require more help when it comes to relocating.

How can movers be of help?

Since we are talking about movers, let’s explain a bit how they can assist you. They can be very helpful if you are in a hurry or have a lot of stuff to move with you. People with kids and seniors often hire them for help too. If you have a lot of heavy items it is probably best to let them handle the heavy lifting. Most movers have additional services like storage for rent, packing, assembly, junk removal, piano moving, and similar. So, when choosing movers make sure to check out the additional services they are offering too!

“Bad” neighborhoods of Queens

Since this is an honest Queens neighborhoods guide we need to mention the problematic parts of this borough. We talked about the great ones. We need to mention this too but before we start, some real estate experts suggest that it might be a good idea to invest in bad parts of Queens as part of the buy-and-hold strategy. They believe you will be able to earn a pretty penny that way.

  1. Willets Point – this is a bit run-down neighborhood but there are some rumors of huge investment and reconstruction happening around here so it might be a good idea to consider investing here even though its not as nice as Astoria or other neighborhoods
  2. The Rockaways – once, long time ago now this was a very trendy neighborhood but nowadays it is largely forgotten after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy
  3. Ozone Park – the crime rates are high in this neighborhood
  4. Rosedale -one of the more economically-depressed areas of the borough. Also, this neighborhood has a very troubled history

The best neighborhood

As you can see there is no “the best” neighborhood. It’s all about what you need and want. The best neighborhood will be different for me and you. For young professionals and seniors, it will be different also. So consider what is important for you. If you plan to relocate with your family consider their wishes too. The most important of all – if you have the chance walk around a bit through the neighborhoods you like and see if one of them feels like home to you. That way you will choose the best one for you.

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