Our Story

Once you decide to relocate from your current whereabouts, there is a heavy road in front of you. Luckily, you’re not alone. It’s needless to say that there are many moving companies in the United Sates, and New Movers Network is here to look at all of them, and make the best pick. What does that mean for you? Well, first of all, it means that you don’t have to be the one to do all the heavy lifting (pun intended). Naturally, you have to choose a destination, figure out the logistics of finding the affordable rent, and so on. And that’s what I would like to discuss a bit more into detail.

Choosing Your Moving Company

When it comes to this part, it’s important that you’re careful and that you do your homework. There are many national moving companies, but there are few things that they don’t tell you, so you end up spending more many that you actually need to. Here are some tips on choosing the moving company:

  • First, if you can, talk your friends who have moved, and ask them for thoughts, opinions, and recommendations. This may seem like a trivial thing to do, but it could save you a lot of valuable time in making the right choice.
  • Call the companies that have made your top 5, and try to set up an appointment. You want to do this, because it is always a good idea to meet in person. If there isn’t an office near you, a phone call or a nicely written e-mail should do just fine.
  • Make a checklist of all the things you’re hoping to take with yourself. This is an extremely important step, because of two reasons:
    1. It will be really helpful once you start packing, because it means that you won’t leave with the tingling sensation in the back of your neck, thinking that you’re forgotten something.
    2. The second reason is purely for the moving company itself. You’ll get the fairest cost estimate from your moving company, if they know what you’re planning to take
  • Don’t be afraid to do some independent research. Use that internet connection you’re paying so much for, and try to find some moving companies reviews There’s nothing like a bit of a positive feedback, to ease your oh-so-burdened mind.


New Movers Network Reason To Be
We must imagine that you’re still a bit unclear on what are we doing. Throughout the years, we’ve come across many people who were – in a certain point of their life – in a conundrum about what are the exact steps when it comes to moving, who should they call, and what should they do. Well, our mission is to build a bridge to help you cross that gap. We look closely at moving companies that are out there, we compare the prices and services, to provide you with the best fit. For example, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, if you want to move your whole household within your state, it’s going to cost you around $2.300, whereas if you want to move across the country – up to around 1.500 miles – it will cost you double that. This is the exact type of moving information we’ll try to provide you with.


Final Ideas on Moving

With all things said above, I hope I made your job of moving a bit easier. Once you decide to go and live in a different place, there is that initial energy and motivation which you should fully harvest and use it to get you through this nerve-wrecking process. The whole idea behind New Movers Network is to provide you with useful information, doesn’t matter if you’re moving cross-country, or hoping for a long-distance moving, don’t be afraid to ask any question you have.