7 reasons to move to Chicago this spring

Moving to Chicago today has become a trend. Millennials, young professionals, and young people as a whole are moving to Chicago. First, it is drawing in people from all over Illinois but also from the rest of the US. The reason is simple, Chicago has a lot to offer and there are many opportunities to exploit there. As such this great city is becoming a magnet for many people that want to move in. There are many reasons to move to Chicago today. To make things clearer we must consider trying to make a list and explain why this is so.

Things to know about Chicago

Chicago is already a great city that offers a few unparalleled amenities. First of all, you can have a feel of the great big city in Chicago. At the same time, the city is surrounded by nature so you can experience the best of both worlds. The city has many developing residential areas, a lot of art, culture, and entertainment. The city is easy to navigate and is very walkable. You can easily reach every part of the city on a bike. As such it is one of the best places to settle in with a family.

Cloud Gate in Chicago
Chicago has a great deal of culture, history, and many amenities that draw people in.

Whatever walk of life you come from, whatever age or profession you can easily find what you need in Chicago. But although the city is great and offers plenty of opportunities we can still define the least 7 reasons to move to Chicago.

  • Affordability
  • Great places and attractions
  • Job market
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Events and happenings
  • People


One of the great things about Chicago is its affordability and prices of real estate. Both rent and real estate prices are great. It is easy to find an affordable place to rent in Chicago as opposed to some other big cities. At the same time, the offering of very affordable apartments is also rich. The opportunity to find an affordable place tucked away at the center of the city is great. This is one of the greatest reasons that draw people into Chicago.

There are some great and vibrant neighborhoods you can choose from. Most of the newcomers strive to safely reach the city after their long-distance move to settle in one of Chicago’s areas. Logan Square, Lincoln Park, River North, and Pilsen are just some of the 77 neighborhoods to consider living in.

Places to see and experience

This is a place that offers a lot to explore. Both the city and its surroundings are great for hiking, biking, and walks. This is place is made for spending time finding and experiencing something new. Chicago has some of the best parks, but also cultural places, great beaches, and other amenities and attractions that you can visit.

Parks in Chicago are one of the reasons to move to Chicago
The city offers a lot of activities and many great parks to enjoy.

Career opportunities

Chicago is a well-known center of commerce. As such it is a city with a booming economy and great career prospects. Career options are certainly one of the major reasons to move to Chicago. The job market is developing fast increasing the chances of finding a job easily. This is why Golans Moving and Storage are keeping busy handling the demand for moving services. Young professionals, millennials, and people from all walks of life are coming here in search of a great job opportunity. Even with the influx of people, unemployment is falling while hiring is on the rise. Healthcare, IT, and insurance sectors are recording rapid development and a need for professionals.


There is always something happening in Chicago. The city has the habit of organizing many events and festivals all year long. Chicago is known for its St Patrick’s day parade and the Taste of Chicago food festival. Grant park music festival and Pride fest are among the most visited events. The pitchfork music festival is a celebration of alternative rock, rap, and hip-hop. Proud of its cuisine Chicago also hosts a Windy City Smokeout and the Taste of Chicago. These events offer a specific and different taste of the city including music, craft beer in addition to great food.


This city is home to some of the world-renowned universities. The campuses are well equipped and offer a lot of amenities to the students. These educational institutions are also complemented by great libraries and information services. You can choose to visit Harold Washington Library Center, the Chicago public library, or some other of your choosing. If you are moving to Chicago from some other place in Illinois you can choose the schools that suits your needs and interest. The University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Columbia College Chicago, and many others offer world-class education.


Some of the most renowned cultural institutions are located in the windy city. You can learn a lot by visiting many of the museums here after moving for retirement which is one of the great reasons to move to Chicago. There is an aquarium that draws in a to of visitors. You can also visit the Art Institute and admire some of the greatest works of art. Visit the exhibit of Andy Warhol’s, or Picasso’s pieces and also see art from Van Gogh. The Institute also lets you experience modern art and installations.


People in Chicago are generally nice. It is the case for all of the Midwest. You can easily communicate and make friends and relations. Newcomers are welcome and the people are friendly. There is never too much of a rush or nervous behavior. So you can see relaxed people laughing and feeling good everywhere. This is one of the reasons why moving to Chicago is a good option.

River in Chicago
There is a lot to see, experience, and get a taste of in Chicago


Now that you know that Chicago might be great for you consider moving here. But be clear that you will have to plan and prepare for this move. The precise organization is required whether you are coming here from other cities in IL or other states. So, you will have to prepare in advance, make a plan, and the moving schedule.

You will also have to declutter and pack properly. Getting the right movers to relocate you is critical. However, you should also consider paying for other services. You might be forced to store items you won’t need often in a self-storage facility. So, make sure to ask your movers for that service and lease a storage facility if needed. Also, get them to pack your things for the move if you can afford it.

Hello, Chicago!

So, it’s clear that there are many reasons to move to Chicago. A lot of people do it every day. So, do not hesitate to make a decision and move to one of the affordable cities in Illinois this spring.

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