6 reasons to move to Milwaukee this year

Next to being the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee is also famous for beer and baseball. However, there is so much more this Midwestern gem can offer to people who decide to move to this city. First of all, it is one of the nicest Michigan places for raising a family as it is not overpopulated. Furthermore, it is not as crowded as other US cities. This means you will be able to find your place under the (scarce) Milwaukee sun fairly easily! There are many other reasons to move to Milwaukee this year, so read this text to find out what makes Milwaukee so special for newcomers.

Milwaukee is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and religions

What is particularly interesting about Milwaukee is its Native American heritage as well as its contemporary cultural diversity. Even the name Milwaukee originates from the Algonquian indigenous language, meaning “beautiful land”. Nowadays, this beautiful land is home to a melange of peoples and cultures. 

In the past, Milwaukee was home to 5 different Native American tribes. Later on, it was mostly inhabited by the French, Germans, Irish, and Poles. Nowadays, African Americans currently make up 40% of the population. However, there are also other large minority groups coming from Asia and the Middle East. 

It is also important to mention that Milwaukee embraces religious and cultural differences open-mindedly. So, whether you are a practicing Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or Sikh, you are welcome in Milwaukee! Furthermore, Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ community is also very active.

three people in milwaukee rainbow flag sky
Milwaukee’s communities nurture a liberal environment.

Milwaukee is surrounded by nature

Breathtaking vistas and natural sceneries are within your reach from any part of Milwaukee you decide to move to. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on your way to one of the many wildlife and nature parks in Milwaukee. This means that taking long hikes or camping trips in nature is more than accessible when you are a resident of Milwaukee. 

For instance, Kettle Moraine State Forest Park is just 40 miles away from the center of the city. It is a great place to unwind after your workday. But if your appetites for unadulterated nature are even greater, Devils Lake State Park is just a short 2-hour drive away from Milwaukee. 

forest near milwaukee michigan
You will be able to enjoy the amazing Michigan nature.

It is easy to get a job in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is mostly a blue-collar job market. Yet, it has a well-developed wheat-growing industry, housing world-famous beer giants such as Miller brewery. Aside from this, its geographic position has established Milwaukee as one of the leading industry hubs after the Industrial Revolution. 

Many newcomers to Milwaukee move here precisely because they want a career change. This comes as no surprise considering Milwaukee is home to 7 large corporations from the Fortune 500 list of most successful companies in the US. 

So, if you intend to find a new job, moving to Milwaukee is an opportunity to find employment in a large company such as Aurora Health Care, Sargento Foods, Harley Davidson, Baird… In fact, a Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn announced the opening of their new facilities in Milwaukee leading to 13,000 new workplaces.

Housing in Milwaukee is affordable

If you are considering moving for work this year, you will find that settling in Milwaukee is fairly affordable – regardless of your income. Just to illustrate, housing in the less desirable areas of a similarly sized place such as Sacramento is almost twice as expensive as buying a single-family home in a reputable neighborhood in Milwaukee. 

The only downside to buying a home in Milwaukee can be high property taxes. They are higher than in comparable cities in the south. But, the good news is that they have been steadily decreasing in the last few years.

What’s more, if you decide to upgrade and move to your new Milwaukee home, you will have no trouble finding competent local movers to help you settle without any delays, damages, or similar problems. In fact, whether you need assistance with packing or transporting your belongings, locals are always ready to help you settle in the shortest possible timeframe. 

Good education is one of the reasons to move to Milwaukee this year

Educational institutions in Milwaukee are yet another reason why many people decide to buy a house and move here with their families. There are over 154 public schools in the Milwaukee public school system, which means 75,000 students get quality state-funded education. Of course, there are other types of educational programs in Milwaukee such as Montesorri, various language immersion schools, as well as schools specializing in arts or technology.

Interestingly, Milwaukee was the first city to fully adopt a charter school program in the 90s. Hence, there are 8 independent schools where your kids can get educated at no cost. As for higher education, there are 7 colleges in the Milwaukee city area, the most prominent ones being Marquette University and Milwaukee School of Engineering. 

educational institution in milwaukee
Good education is one of the reasons to move to Milwaukee this year.

Therefore, you can rest assured that they will have access to good education. If you are moving to a Milwaukee neighborhood where your kids will be closer to a good school, be sure to hire a local moving company that will ensure a quick and easy relocation for you and your family members. An experienced moving crew such as strongassmovers.com will make packing and moving a whole lot easier, especially if you are pressed for time in the wake of a new school year.

Milwaukee has great food 

Foodies out there will relish in the great dining experiences Milwaukee has to offer. You have probably heard of the famous Milwaukee bratwurst and beer. However, the dining scene has evolved greatly in the last couple of years. Milwaukee has profiled itself as a great dining hub. This means you can find anything from exciting ramen joints, sandwich restaurants, and a variety of award-winning fine dining places. There is a great offer of different delicacies for vegans and vegetarians out there as well. Hence, the emerging dining culture is just one of the reasons to move to Milwaukee this year!

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