6 Items That Are Likely to Get Damaged During House Moves

Making sure that your belongings arrive safe and sound when moving is a top priority, especially if you chose to have a DIY move. See what our moving experts have to say about items that are likely to get damaged during house moves and how to pack and transport them just like a pro!

The moving experts know it: the first couple of moves are the worst. You have no idea what to do, when to do it, what to use, and who to turn to in times of despair. Well, thanks to the Internet, we now have the chance to simply google all the insider tips.

Movers know which items are very likely to get damaged during house moves, which is why they pay very close attention to them. They need to be packed, transported and stored properly. And as some of the items can be very pricey, it definitely pays off to make sure each and every item on this list gets enough of what it needs to survive moving day.

Before you start packing, consider the following things:

  • Sort out all the items that are likely to get damaged during house moves. Our list with expert tips can help you identify them;
  • Spot which items need special care and cannot survive being stored and transported in a van (consider that there could be rocky roads, high temperatures inside the van during summer or very low temperatures during winter months);
  • Make sure you have all the equipment necessary for packing these items accordingly (boxes, packing paper).

Here are 5+ items that moving pros regard as likely to get damaged during house moves if not packed and transported accordingly:

  1. Glassware – the Number One Item That Gets Damaged on Moving Day

Many moving pros list Glassware as very likely to get damaged during house moves. Luckily, you can assure they arrive safely at your new place by following a few simple rules.

One possibility is to purchase dish boxes which have extra think walls that offer great protection. These boxes are similar to bottle boxes and have individual compartments to make sure the items don’t bump into each other during the transport.

If you choose to use regular boxes, use packing paper to roll the items into and place them into a box with plenty of packing paper on the bottom. Pros place glassware and dishes vertically. This way, the items are a lot less likely to get damaged on moving day. Before closing the box, insert another layer of packing paper for extra padding.

Important: Label these boxes/containers as FRAGILE and make it clear which way is up on this particular box. Make sure these boxes are not at the bottom of a heavy pile of boxes.

  1. The Silver Medal Goes to…. DISHES!

Plates and other dishes are packed similarly to glassware. However, movers tend to use more than one layer of packing paper while packing plates to make sure they are well-cushioned. Again, you can purchase dish pack boxes which are designed to keep these items extra safe.

Packing plates into regular boxes requires extra packing paper on the bottom and on the top of the box (movers usually use regular packing paper). The wrapped dishes should be placed vertically and remaining space needs to be filled with packing paper.

For more information, check out this short video tutorial on how moving pros pack glassware and dishes!

  1. What’s also Very Likely to Get Damaged During House Moves – the House Itself!

During each stage of moving – disassembling things, packing them up, carrying them out – you have a plethora of things that is constantly being moved around, pushed, pulled from one room to another. And in all that rush, many inexperienced movers forget about the house itself. One quick push into the wrong direction and you’ll have a very expensive bill to pay.

Often neglected and forgotten, doors, walls, and especially floors are commonly damaged items during house moves and need to be secured prior to moving day. Cracks, stains or other damages can cost a lot to get rid of.

Important: Don’t forget to take a picture of your empty house before leaving to prove you left it in an acceptable condition.

  1. Plants – Handle with Very Special Care!

Having your favorite plants arrive safely at your new home can be trickier than you could expect: they’re big and bulky, they need air and water, and shouldn’t be left at certain temperatures for a long time.

Here is a great step-by-step explanation how to move your plants properly!

  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors obviously need very special care in order to survive moving day in one piece.

Generally speaking, mirrors should be packed into boxes that fit their exact size. Similar to packing dishes and glassware, the top and the bottom of the box should be cushioned with enough packing paper. Moving experts usually secure the edges with additional wrapping paper, which gives them additional support.

After placing the wrapped mirror into the box, fill the front and back with more packing paper, so that the mirror won’t move inside the box.

Important: Transport mirrors vertically!

  1. Not Only Likely to Get Damaged During House Moves, but Also Very Expensive to Replace: Stereo Equipment and Other Electronics

Electronic devices and appliances are expensive to repurchase afterwards, so paying extra attention to packing them properly before moving day can pay off big time.

The best solution is to transport them in their original boxes. The originals usually have additional pieces of padding material which provides excellent support.

If you don’t have the original box, find one that is as big as the device (as similar as possible), remove all cords and pack the device into bubble wrap or towels. Wrap some tape around it and put it into the box. If there is any space left in the box, fill it up with packing paper until the device no longer moves around in the box.

Important: Always add packing paper on top of the box!

Apart from these items, you should take care of yourself, too. Legs, backs and necks are also likely to get damaged during house moves. Moving is hectic and requires a lot of strength and good planning – take baby steps! You can always choose to hire a moving company to do all of this for you. Get in touch with us and find out where the best and most affordable local moving companies are!

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