4 car shipping tips you’ll appreciate

Regardless if you’re shipping a car domestically or internationally, it’s crucial to follow some basic vehicle safety measures to ensure everything goes smoothly. So, here are 4 car shipping tips you’ll appreciate. 

Your vehicle is one of your most important investments, right? Therefore, along with learning how to prepare for moving abroad, you want to know how to ship your car. You may expect your vehicle to be delivered to its destination without any damage, but that’s not always going to happen with some auto transport companies. So, if you want your car to be delivered to your destination in the same condition as it was before the move, follow these 4 car shipping tips you’ll appreciate. 

Car Interior - Car shipping tips you'll appreciate
Make sure you use these 4 car shipping tips you’ll appreciate.

1. Hire a trustworthy car shipping company

Car shipping is a time-consuming task that demands experience and expertise. So, it’s recommendable to hire a reliable car shipping company. This is always a smart idea because these professionals can deliver the precious asset at the new destination safely on time. Regardless of what car model type and size you have, they know how to deal with it easily. 

Car shipping companies know how to prepare and ship a car to another country. They understand the clients’ specific requirements and make their shipping completely seamless and stress-free. Still, you must be careful when hiring a vehicle shipment company. Some companies are fraudulent so do your research properly.

2. Car shipping tips you’ll appreciate – Prepare your car

Most car shipping companies don’t cover damage to the car’s interior. So, it’s a good idea to remove all the loose and hanging items inside. Also, take out any personal items from the car. Then, make sure you wash your car thoroughly and take pictures to document existing damages. Next, empty the gas tank, and keep an extra set of keys handy. In the end, don’t forget to inspect the tires and battery of the car. 

3. Know the car shipping costs

Using a car shipping service may cost you between $1,500 – $4,500. Also, most car shipping companies will ask for a deposit of up to 25% of the final amount. But, if you’re moving to a new place with the help of a moving company, find the one that has a car’s shipping service. Learning how to choose the best moving company that offers a car shipping service will save you money. 

The cost of shipping a car is based on several components:

  • Distance.
  • Departure date.
  • Type of car.
  • Type of car transport service you’ll use.
Car Road Tiles
Get to know how much car shipping will cost you.

4. Car shipping tips you’ll appreciate – Pick the carriage vessel 

When it comes to car shipment, you can choose from different vessel options. Enclosed vessels or carriers are perfect for shipping luxury and vintage cars. They shield the cars from the vagaries of nature. However, open carriers are popular for shipping cars, too. They are also the more affordable option. 

To determine the carriage vessel consider how much your car is worth. If it’s expensive or has sentimental value, it’s recommendable to opt for the enclosed carrier. Otherwise, you can go with the open-air carrier, which is more cost-effective.

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