Things to do in Miami for free – the only list that you’ll ever need

When you think about Miami, you think about perfect weather, fantastic nightlife, and beautiful beaches. But, Miami is much more. It is a busy multicultural city with a lot more to offer besides its beaches. This metropolitan tropical paradise is indeed one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. However, there’s a lot of things to do in Miami for free, and a shortage of money doesn’t necessarily have to mean shortage of fun.

In collaboration with some local experts, we put together a list of suggestions to help you see the nicest of Miami for free.

Make a night out of art: Miami Design District Art and Design Night

Miami art walk is an event that happens on the second Saturday of each month. On this day, more than a hundred galleries and showrooms open their doors to everyone between 7 pm and 10 pm. It is a great opportunity to see the best of the work of the new and upcoming local artists.

Many people do make a night out of this event. Surrounding bars and restaurants also join in the fun. So as a result, you can find pretty much any kind of entertainment or refreshment nearby. Living in a big city sometimes really can be fun.

Visiting Little Havana is one of the best things to do in Miami for free

If you don’t visit Little Havana, it’s like you haven’t been to Miami at all. That’s why it is one of the top Miami places to explore. In this fantastically vibrant neighborhood, you can find numerous interesting galleries, unique shops, and fantastic restaurants.

Start your tour at Maximo Gomez Park. If you have trouble finding it, locals call it Domino Park. There you will find a glimpse of real Hispanic culture. People gather and men play dominoes outdoors. And that’s where the name Domino Park comes from. Try to find a big mural depicting the Summit of the Americas. It definitely is an impressive thing to see.

From there continue to Calle Ocho neighborhood which is the center of Little Havana. Street stands are set up everywhere and you can watch the street market in action. It stands as a unique experience, and it is a great way to soak up some Cuban culture.

If you are a fan of Latin cinema, one thing that you mustn’t miss is the Little Havana Paseo de las Estrellas. It is a Latin American take on the Hollywood Walk of the Stars. Of course, it features and commemorates Latin American actors, musicians, and writers.

There are also monthly events in Little Havana called Cultural Fridays. They showcase local musicians and often there is an open art exhibition. There is no admission fee.

Oldtimers parked outside the building.
You can see a site like this only in Little Havana.

Miami Art Museum for free

If you have children, visit the Miami Art Museum between 1 pm and 4 pm on the second Saturday of the month and you’ll get a free entrance. It’s great fun for the whole family and it is one of the things to do in Miami for free.

You can simply enjoy the exhibitions, learn something new with your kids, or even create art here. There is an organized family tour that takes place at 2 pm. It is a fantastic way to get some interesting facts that you may not heat otherwise.

Take Sky Train for free

How does traveling in a driverless sky train sounds to you? Like a scene from a science fiction movie, we know. However, this is real and happening in Miami right now. The Metromover is a free form of transport that connects several Miami downtown hotels with the Metrorail. 

There are 20 stations including Freedom Tower and Miami-Dade Cultural Center. It’s a tour that you shouldn’t miss as you can see something interesting at almost every stop. The cars arrive every 90 seconds, so you will get everywhere in no time. However, try to avoid using the Metromover during busy commuting hours as it is packed with people.

Metromover as part of the best things to do in Miami for free.
Driverless sky train, otherwise called Metromover in Miami is a great way to buzz around the city.

South Beach

Well, you can’t go to Miami and not go to the beach. Miami is most famously known for its beaches, and this one has something for everyone. If you have kids to deal with, playground and a splash fountain are at the disposal at South Pointe Park. It makes an ideal place for a picnic, so you can make a day out of this. You can also visit the Miami Beach Botanical Garden which is filled with subtropical plants. This place is a great idea if you want to escape to a little paradise in the middle of South Beach.

Fell free to walk and look around the beautiful Art Deco houses. One of them is Casa Casuarina. It is the former home and the murder site of a world-renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace. If you are interested in seeing all of these beautifully preserved buildings, be sure to follow the Art Deco District Walking Tour.

Many museums on the South Beach offer free admissions on certain days. If you ask around and get your info, you’ll be able to visit the Holocaust Museum, Jewish Museum of Florida, Wolfsonian-FIU Art Museum, and many more for free.

Art-deco building in Miami.
Visiting art deco buildings is one of the best things to do in Miami for free.

Peace in Lummus Park Beach

If you have a lot of moving stress accumulated, and you want to get some peace and quiet, you should head to Lummus Park Beach. This is a stretch of beach that lays between 5th and 15th street. It offers a less busy atmosphere than the well-known South Beach. Lummus Park Beach is known for its white sand, warm water, and rolling waves. So, if you like surfing this may be a perfect place for you.

Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Design

Visiting this museum is the final thing on the list of things to do in Miami for free. It is yet another popular destination for anyone who loves art. The museum is located in the historic Freedom tower, which is the station of the Metromover. There is no entrance fee and it features rotating exhibitions of contemporary art.


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