What to wear on moving day?

Relocation is never easy, you have a lot to think about, such as how to choose a suitable storage space when to organize the packing etc. In all that planning, the chances of you forgetting something are big. And these things will happen – you just need to be prepared to adjust. One of the things that most likely you did not think about is what to wear on moving day? It is important to pack your stuff but will you pick up the boxes in uncomfortable jeans? Yes, you see know where the problem is. Of course, this is not all. So, let’s see how you should plan this and when to do the laundry.

Include what to wear on moving day in your planning

When making the preparations for your relocation, think about the moving day. You need to visualize everything about your relocation in order to minimize the stress. After all, you need to get into the psychology of moving. This will help you on your way and possibly ease the pain away. You will have enough boxes, paper gun, but what’s the weather going to be like on a moving day? If you did not check and end up wearing wear only your favorite t-shirt in the rain, it’s no good. So, leave a special place for the moving day on your moving checklist. Also, the matter of what to wear on moving day? Include every aspect of the relocation and don’t get surprised by weather forecast or any other thing. When you have a good plan, you will have fewer problems.

Did you check the weather forecast before deciding what to wear on moving day
Write down all the important details

Of course, all this depends also on where do you live? If you live in the area where temperatures are quite different than the weather in your new area, you should get prepared. You should know how to pick the best season for moving. Among other things, you should know this before choosing the moving clothes.

As well, you don’t want to have everything packed up and ready but then you realize that you packed your moving clothes. So, pay attention to the calendar and put your moving clothes aside. Of course, it is not only the clothes that you should think about, how about the shoes? Do you have long hair, sensitive skin?  Keep up if you want to know what else you need to know.

What to wear on moving day is not only about the clothes

There are many tips to cope with the stress of moving, so don’t let anything get on your way. If it does, you should have proper shoes already. You are going to lift a lot of boxes. Not to mention that you will have to take them from one floor to another. So, don’t do it in your flip-flops. For most people, this is a reasonable decision that shouldn’t even be mentioned. Yet, things have happened. Very serious things that include injuries. Don’t experiment, play it safe and take your proper shoes on. The ones that will allow you to move and which make you feel comfortable. Since you will be carrying a lot of stuff, try not the take the new shoes. Take some old ones since you never know what can happen.

When you think about what to wear on moving day, these red high heels won't come to mind, will they?
Put some old, comfortable shoes on

Now, when it comes to clothes, avoid putting on white clothes. You will get dirty somehow, we all know that. So, avoid your new, clean clothes since you will destroy them. Think about comfort. That you should be your number 1 priority when it comes to what to wear on moving day. Put some old clothes on that will enable you to move easily.

If you have any allergies, be sure that you took all the medicines when it comes to dust, dirt and many other things. As well, choose a natural fabric that will help you get the job done. The same goes for the shoes, choose the non-slippery shoes that are enclosed. Prevent all the risks from injuries. Prepare some plasters just in case. You never know what can happen.

Additional advice on what to wear on moving day

There are some small details that you also have to have in mind. Take off your earrings, rings or any other kind of jewelry. This will only distract you and it can enable you to do what you need to do. If you have long hair, do something about so it doesn’t bother you in a sense that you can’t see where you’re going. Pay attention to this if you have hard reaching spots in your house. You could prepare a hat or sunglasses since it could be useful.

If you are planning your relocation in the summer and the temperature goes up, maybe put some sunscreen on. If you have a sensitive skin, this is a must. That is why you should know how to calculate moving costs before your moving day comes. A lot of unpredicted things can happen.

Don’t eat too heavy food
Think about what you are going to eat the day before

Since a lot of unpredicted things can happen, pack extra moving clothes. If you damage something, spill something, you need to have a backup. Prepare it before and don’t worry about it. The thing you can prepare before is also the food that you are going to it on the day of the move. Try not to eat too heavy food the day before, since it can destroy your moving adventure. If your stomach is not feeling alright, you will not be able to lift boxes or any other thing.

So, when deciding what to wear on moving day, avoid clothes that are too tight. Yet, do buy some pizza afterward for your helpers to say thank you. Then you can discuss who made that packing peanut. Happy moving!


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