Unpacking like a pro 101

Moving can take a lot of energy. There are so many things to do when it comes to packing and researching and hiring a moving company. Then it comes selling your old home, finding a new one and everything else in between. But once you get to your new home, there’s still one more thing to do – unpacking. Continue reading this article and find out how to do the unpacking like a pro?

opened cardboard box
Learn how to unpack like a pro!

Only pack what you need

If you want to do the unpacking like a pro then you need to know some basic rules. First – you can pack only what you need. Because, the way you have packed, can affect your unpacking process. That’s why when packing you can sort through your items and divide them into three categories: what you want/need to keep, what to sell/donate and what to toss. Only bring items in the first category with you and your unpacking will go much more smoothly. Who knew moving could serve as a spring cleaning of sorts? Also if you need help with unpacking you can use different types of moving services.

Pack an essentials bag

Don’t forget to pack an essential bag. Prepare for the first few days or week at your new home by creating a bag for each family member. They are supposed to have toiletries, snacks, medicines, a few changes of clothing and any other essentials you won’t want to dig through boxes to find. Have these bags in the car or on the plane with you when traveling to the new place.

Unpacking like a pro – schedule

Before you decide what to wear on moving day you have to create an unpacking schedule. Just like you should create a packing schedule to help you get everything packed before the move, so you can create a timeline for unpacking. This will make the process seem much more manageable to you. For those who can’t take time off then you need to set yourself a schedule to get it done. You can set a simple schedule, such as each member of the family must unpack three boxes per day – or something like that. Make it reasonable and doable, but also plan it so that the unpacking will be done before too long. If you’re working with children or teenagers, then you may want to build in an incentive.

Calendar, dates, pen - if you wanna do the unpacking like a pro, then you need to create a good plan.
Create a good plan, so that unpacking be easier as possible!

Install and check all large appliances

Another thing that is very important when moving household goods to another address is installing the new appliances. Whether you are moving appliances from your old house or are purchasing new ones you should always consult the manuals. That is important when you have to install items such as the refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer and dishwasher. If you don’t have manuals, or if you’re uncertain about how to install the appliances, seek professional advice.

Label your boxes

Make sure that the right boxes go into the right rooms. When packing you have to label each box with its contents and the room where it supposes to be at your new home.

What to unpack first?

Unpack what you need first. Whatever room you’re unpacking, find the most important items first and place them where you want them to go. If you wanna do the unpacking like a pro then you can start with the room that you are going to use the most – kitchen. The first thing you should do before unpacking your kitchen is to hook up major appliances. Then load and place the food into the pantry for use. If you’ve properly labeled the boxes, you should be able to locate what you need fairly easily. After the kitchen, put the beds together and unpack the linens for each bedroom.

Furnished living room
When you start with unpacking, don’t stop until everything is done!

The next room for unpacking is a bathroom, that is basically functional already when you move in. All you have to do is to unpack towels, toiletries, and other bathroom items. If you were fortunate enough to have floorplan sketches of your new home before you moved, then arranging furniture should be fairly straightforward. One of the last spaces to unpack is the garage, basement, and other utility rooms.

Plan your unpacking like a pro

Plan where items should go before unpacking. Within each room, create a room plan so you know where to place furniture pieces and everything else you pull out of boxes in that room. Also, there is one very important thing to do before you start unpacking. And that is cleaning. If you are not sure how to do that then click here and learn how to clean a new home before move in.

Tips for unpacking in a hurry

  • What to unpack first in your new home? Unpack the essentials first, then take your time with the rest of the house.
  • Plan each room before you unpack too many boxes.
  • Hang pictures and place family photos around the house early in your unpacking. It will help to make the home feel familiar and comfortable and will build your family’s enthusiasm.
  • Let each member of the family unpack their own bedroom, as applicable. This allows kids to participate in the event.
  • Try to take some time to enjoy your new space once you have the main essential unpacking completed. Perhaps schedule some fun family events. In the next weeks, set a few hours aside each day or on the weekends to ensure you’ll gradually get the job done.

In the end

Now you probably have an idea how – unpacking like a pro – is going to look like. Thinking about how you’re going to tackle it is really half the battle. Because once you’ve planned it out, it doesn’t seem quite so bad, right? Even if you don’t like unpacking, you might be better now at dealing with it.

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