Transforming your attic into a guest room – how to

Every time you think about unused space in your home the burst of ideas must’ve been crossing your mind. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough time and means to bring all our ideas to reality. That said, the attic is the most common place people are thinking about. There is always a small veil of mystery covering those places we rarely use. And, that attracts us very much. Sometimes, we are thinking about making it a cozy place to enjoy our evening hours in peace. But, more often, we go for a more practical solution for our every day needs. This is why transforming your attic into a guest room remains one of the most common questions you ask yourself.

Transforming your attic into a guest room

Generally, people don’t imagine attics as bright places overfilled with light. To them, they are more of cozy little corners of a home, where we can spend time enjoying and resting. Except, they are not always little corners. But the best part is, you don’t have to be a designer to transform your attic. Sometimes, all you have to do is to think about the functionality, and the solution will come along. Commonly, people are transforming their attics into guest rooms, children’s room or playground, and home offices. For now, let’s consider a couple of ideas about how to arrange our attics into guest rooms.

Rustic unfinished attic.
Some attics are made for creative experimenting.

Keep the original features

You won’t find a better place to experiment with your inner creativity than the attic. Keeping the bricks clean but revealed, can bring a certain rustic charm to your attic. Additionally, you can bring in an old large bed in the style of the 17th century to make it more renaissance. Even better, a fireplace will be a nice final touch to make it even more appealing.

Create a children’s den for guests with kids

Remember the kids? Yea, those small humans who, most of all, like to enjoy the noise and endless playing. So why not transform your attic into a children’s den. Not only your guest’s kids will have an amazing experience, but your own kids will enjoy it the rest of the time. Just don’t forget to utilize the entire place to eliminate the potential injuries to the kids.

Children’s room with a green bed, toys, and colorful wallpapers.
Kids will adore you for making the attic their own space.

Rustic style with structural beams

Another great thing for structural style lovers is to make all internal structural beams in the foreground. Also, if you don’t have enough structural beams to your liking, you can always install “the fake” ones. Additionally, various woodwork creations can really make this space look special for your guests.

Why not experimenting with wallpapers?

I imagine there are people who dream about sleeping under the open sky. Well, that is almost impossible in the attic, and you can’t really bring the wild inside”. However, wallpapers are an excellent choice and way to experiment with all kinds of nature motives. Not only with nature motives but with everything that crosses your mind.

Even though the attic space can sometimes be challenging to transform, it can give wonderful results. Transforming your attic into a guest room will most definitely be appealing to your guests. But, the best part is, it’s yours again when the guests are out.


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