Top reasons to move to Charlotte County

If you are pondering about moving to Florida, your list of potential places to live will most certainly include Charlotte County. With a population of 159,978, according to the 2010 census, Charlotte County is a place of just the right size; it is populous enough so that there are enough opportunities for every individual, and it is still secluded enough that you don’t get that fast-paced, metropolitan vibe Miami has. And the perfect size is just one of the reasons to move to Charlotte County! There are many other benefits of making such a transition in your life. And as experienced real estate experts in many counties (Charlotte County included), we have witnessed each and every one of them. See to it that you and your family have the brightest future and consider moving to Charlotte County. Here’s why you will not regret it!

There are many towns where you can raise a family

Florida is truly a diverse state. It has the best cities for singles, such as Miami, and it has those where you wish to spend your retirement days in peace and quiet. If you find the right city, Florida can be an amazing place for raising a family, too. Charlotte County is one of those places. Inside the county itself, you have numerous towns of all shapes and sizes at your disposal. Surely one of them must be the right fit for you and your loved ones.

a white picket fence
For a white picket fence life, move to Charlotte County.

These are our top 3

  • Punta Gorda. Considering the fact that Punta Gorda is the seat of Charlotte County, it only makes sense that it should be on this list. What makes Punta Gorda the perfect place for raising a family is the fact that the atmosphere is relaxing, the crime rates are low, and there are good schools galore.
  • Port Charlotte. This small and charming town has some of the amenities of a big and bustling city. It has a mall and a bowling alley, which are two places every family likes to visit on weekends. Besides that, Port Charlotte has a lot of A-rated schools, which is also one of the reasons to move to a small town and make Port Charlotte your sweet home.
  • Rotonda West. What the residents of Rotonda West love is the fact that they live in a clean and environmentally-friendly town. Rumor has it that everyone in this town recycles, and whether or not this is the truth, you can find out after moving here. And from Rotonda Heights to Rotonda Lakes, you have dozens of close-knit neighborhoods to choose from.

If there is one thing you can believe Charlotte County will do, that is instil peace in you. Whichever town or neighborhood in this county you move to, you can rest assured you will not regret it.

The affordable cost of living is one of the top reasons to move to Charlotte County

Let’s face it – living in the 21st Century is not cheap. People’s needs and expenses are constantly expanding, and it is becoming more and more challenging to afford a decent life. Certain US states are extremely expensive, while others are lucky to be much more affordable. Therefore, should you decide to move out of NYC and come to Florida, your cost of living will significantly decrease!

To calculate how cheap or expensive a US state is, an index of 100 is used. If a country scores a number higher than 100, it means that the cost of living is above the national average, and vice versa. Rejoice, as Charlotte County scores a number of 98.2! That means that expenses such as utilities and transportation are cheaper than what is considered as average for the USA.

Dollar bills
Charlotte County is an affordable place.

Besides, Florida is a state with no personal income taxes. Whatever you righteously earn is yours. You do have to worry about the state sales tax, which is 6%. However, compared to other states, the money you can save on taxes alone is not negligible.

Shopping at Charlotte County at its finest

No one expects that shopping, wining and dining will be one of the main reasons to move to Charlotte County. But it can certainly help you make the decision to pack up and go. Charlotte County is a true mecca for fashion lovers. Starting with a mall which spreads over 950,000 square feet and ending with specialty stores of all kinds, whatever it is that you need, you will find it at Charlotte County! In case you plan on moving here with too many personal possessions, you should try to find a cheap and suitable storage solution for your relocation and place some of your belongings there, because once you move here, the number of your items will quickly start to rise. No one can resist cute waterfront boutiques and antique fairs, and you won’t be an exception.

To say that the weather is amazing is an understatement

When speaking about Florida, one cannot help but mention the amazing weather. The year-round sunshine will help you fulfill your dream of living an island life, coupled with sunset beach walks and cocktails in seaside bars and restaurants. Even though technically Florida does have a winter season, it lasts only for a couple of months, and it is much milder than in the other US states. So, if you are a beach lover who functions best while the sun is shining bright, you should think about moving to Charlotte County.

A woman relaxing on the beach - one of the reasons to move to Charlotte County
What is there not to like about summer and sunshine?

Whether you are in love with city life or the suburban lifestyle, this is the right place for you! There are many reasons to move to Charlotte County as soon as you can, and the versatility is just one of them. From top-notch education opportunities to entertainment venues and beautiful beachside properties, you have everything you need for the life you have always dreamed of having.

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