Top Miami Places to Explore

There are many top Miami places to explore. It is a very popular touristic place. Miami itself is a place that you should explore. It is among places that many tourists recommend for visiting.

  • It has a great climate, with a lot of sunny days and no rain;
  • We know about the beaches in Miami, some of them are famous around the world;
  • Miami also has a great history – museums are one of tops Miami places to explore;
  • Since is a mix of cultures and nations, Miami has a great cultural life;
  • There is great entertainment in Miami, too.

However, there are many top Miami places that you should know for. People usually come back to Miami after first visiting. They do it for a good reason.

Miami panorama
There are great places in Miami to explore

Sunny top Miami places to explore

Known to sunny days and long beaches, Miami surely has to offer a lot of things. If you come to Miami for the first time, you will visit one of those places.

South Beach

It is not just a beach in Miami. It is one of the top Miami places to explore. The reason is great white sand, a lot of sunny warm days and happy smiley people. This beach is always full of people. You should consider this place for your next moving.


Even though people do not know much about culture in Miami, you should know that it has a great cultural life. There are a lot of museums and parts of the city that offers different contents.

Vizcaya Museum

It is one of the top Miami places to explore. Do not avoid it during your next visiting to Miami. It is made devoted to the Italian Renaissance style. You should see pictures, but also sculptures and interesting people from that period.

Museum of science

Who would tell that Miami has a museum of science? However, it is famous and well organized. You will recognize by a large ball in front of it and a large white building. Maybe this could attract you to live here in the future.

Miami panorama
Miami has great cultural life


We should not remind you of the great entertainment that Miami offers. There are many top Miami places to explore just for those reasons.

Everglades National Park

Maybe not that type of entertainment that you used on. Especially Miami does not associate on zoos and national parks. Everglades is one of the top Miami places you should see. It has rare species of alligators and crocodiles. There you can find snakes and other reptiles, too. They are proud of their collection of birds. They are all in a natural environment. Some of them you can visit only on the boat. Great way to spend time!

Miami panorama
You can find great entertainment in Miami

Little Havana

You should visit a place that is almost like Cuba in Miami. It is suburbia called Little Havana. There you can find everything that reminds on Cuba. It includes watching the women that make handmade cigarettes, listen to music and dance.

Miami beach

It is well known one of the top Miami places to explore. You will see it on movies and posters. You can drive alongside the beach or visit the Art Deco district.

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