Tips for packing fragile items

When you are moving, there are a lot of things that you should think about. And it can be pretty stressful. From making the checklists, writing on the things to do, to checking them every time you finish with something that very important for your move. Therefore, you should think about having a good movers company to help you with all those obligations you get when deciding to move. The point is that you have to plan your move very carefully if you want everything to go well. And packing fragile items is definitely one of those things.

When packing fragile items check everything twice
Moving doesn’t have to be hard

Special attention when packing fragile items

There are things that demand your special attention while moving. That is why you have to have that checklist. Everything will be easier for you if you create it. But, that is not the most important thing. What is crucial when moving is to be extra careful with the fragile items. You have to know all tips and tricks of packing fragile items in order not to break anything. Because no matter how good of some movers you find you will the one packing all those important fragile items.

And once you place them in a box you don’t want to hear anything rumbling in that box now, do you? But no worries there is a solution for that. Actually, there are a couple of solutions. The first and most famous solution we all know and love, and that solution is called yesterday’s newspapers. Gather paper as much as possible before you start packing. And then start rolling your glasses and dishes in layers of paper. Then gently place it inside the box. And that is it. Simple as that. But this is only one way.

Little boxes making one
Moving can even be fun if you know how to do it right

What else?

There are more ways to keep your fragile things safe while moving as we mentioned before. When you think about the boxes you just think about a yellow cardboard and that is it. However, there are more types of card boxes. Actually, there are boxes that were specially made for this type of things. These boxes you cannot find in some large convenience store and they will give you those boxes for free. You will have to go to a specialized store for this and there you will find boxes with compartments.

Those compartments will prevent the fragile items you have not to break. Pretty neat, right? You don’t have to gather all those papers and roll your items in it. Just simply put them one at a time in those compartments, once you finish just seal the box, mark it as a fragile and that is it. You are ready to go.

Larger fragile items

After packing all those glasses and dishes now you have to see how to pack those larger fragile items. Not an easy task, unless you are equipped with a big number of large boxes. The reason for that is that every large fragile item you will have to pack separately. Therefore, logically, you will need more boxes. Once you buy or find those bigger boxes half of your work is done. Things for which you will need extra large boxes can be:

  • Lamps
  • Mirrors (be extra careful)
  • Artwork (such as pictures)
  • Frames

These are some of the fragile items with which you should be extra careful. Lamps you should pack individually. If you have three lamps you will need three boxes. Lay them gently inside of the box that was previously filled with a lot of paper. Seal those boxes very good and mark that box with huge letters that says fragile. And when packing artwork that can be pretty expensive you should be really careful. You have to find the correct size of the box where you will fit the painting. And at all cost take care of the glass from the frame. And we cannot repeat enough, maybe the most important thing. Mark it as fragile! When packing fragile items it’s maybe even more important than how you pack it.

chest box
When you pack you are packing the things that are valuable to you

Let’s talk about mirrors

When packing mirrors, we cannot stress out enough how careful you should be. It is a real challenge to pack a mirror. You have to be one hundred percent sure that you packed it and sealed it well so that it won’t break in a transfer. The last thing you want to see when you start unpacking in your new home is a broken mirror. We don’t even talk about superstition. It doesn’t matter whether you are superstitious or not it’s just not something you want to see. Not just the mirror but your paintings or your lamps. The whole point of a safe move is to have your things the way you left them. Without a scratch, non-the less to see something broken.

Therefore, check it twice, three times to see if you packed it sealed it well. What you don’t want to do is to put the paper with the mirror inside of the box. Because it can scratch it. However, if there is more space in the box you have to fill that space with paper just be careful not to touch the glass. A mirror cannot be loose inside of the box. And the last thing is to mark it as fragile and it won’t hurt if you add next to it that Is a mirror. Just so that the movers can be extra, extra careful.

That is it. It is not a small work to do, but it is something that you can manage. Pack right, use any advice you can find and it will be ok. Once packing fragile items, you will appreciate them even more, because you worked hard to packed them well so that they don’t break. Enjoy your new home with your vintage mirror, and beautiful paintings.


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