A Few Things Your Movers Want You To Know

Moving for the first time? There are several elements that will dictate the success of your move. First is hiring the right movers (avoiding potential scams). Second is being prepared for the move, physically and mentally, for it can be an exhausting venture. But there is one very important factor that is not so frequently mentioned – collaboration and cooperation with your movers. In order to make this possible we have collected a list of things your movers want you to know. Following these will make your life a lot easier, and make your movers job a breeze. The better the cooperation – the less stress there is on both ends.

A few things your movers want you to know will make both yours and theirs lives easier.
There are a few things you should know to make the moving process a lot smoother.

These shouldn’t be taken as commands of any type, but rather as advice on how to make the procedure flawless.

All Your Belongings Should Be Packed Before The Moving Takes Place

A common mistake that procrastinators make – leaving everything for the last day. First of all, something like this creates stress – for yourself and your movers. Plus, there is a good possibility that this will create extra costs since your movers must wait for you to pack. This extra time spent doing nothing by the movers can be charged extra. Second, when you’re packing in such a rush you might either forget something important or damage something valuable. The packing should be done on time and with care. Here are a few tips on how you can make the packing process a breeze. This is one of the things your movers want you to know! You’re not doing it as a favor for the moving company you’ve hired, you’re doing it as a favor to yourself.

Your movers want you to know that you should be fully prepared for the moving day.
Make sure everything is packed and ready to go on your moving day.

The best way to do this properly is to create somewhat of a timeline for your packing and map it all out. I love to put things on paper for then there is no way I’m going to skip anything. In a perfect case scenario, where you follow this little tip your moving day could look great. Movers will show up, everything will be ready and they would start loading the truck immediately. No time would be wasted, and depending on the load, you could be all set to go before lunch! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You Should Be in Charge of All The Valuables!

One of the things your movers want you to know is – keep your valuables with you! No single mover has any business moving around your most treasured possessions. These can include money, bank and other types of cards, small (expensive) electronic devices, prescription medication and any types of heirlooms. You should be the one responsible for them, and that way everyone is safe.

Moving in progress
You should be the one handling your most treasured valuables.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve hired the best moving company in the business, it is a risk not worth taking. In cases where your most valuable possessions are too big for you to carry and must be handled by the movers, you should always make sure to purchase extra insurance for them before letting the movers handle it. This is not me saying that the movers are incompetent, it’s just a precautionary measure to be on the extra safe side. You never know what could go wrong. One person could slip, and there goes your great grandma’s wooden closet down a flight of 12 stairs.

Keep Your Children and Pets Out of Danger

There are times when your pets and kids are present during the move. Nothing wrong with that. There is, however, something wrong if they are given a free reign, to run around and get in the way of your movers. First and foremost, this way they could get hurt! One of the things your movers want you to know is that your children and pets should be placed out of harm’s reach.

Your movers are experienced and trained professionals and they know exactly what they are doing. You, your pets and your children aren’t. This is the most chaotic day of the entire moving process, and during this stage, you should make sure your loved ones are out of the way. Oftenly, your pets and kids might consider this as a game – which I assure you it is not. Do try to have a family member or a close friend keep an eye on them, a bit away from the entire ordeal, just to be on the safe side.

Your Movers Want You Present During Moving Day

One of the things your movers want you to know is that they won’t be too happy if you attempt to micromanage their every step. Trust me, they know their job better than you (in most cases). However, they do desire your presence during the moving. You’ve gone through a lot of trouble to hire the best moving company, so once you did – let them be best at what they do.

Try not to vanish from the moving site. If you’re unable to be fully present, at least make sure that you’ve created a medium through which your movers can contact you.  There might be some unforeseen circumstances that will need your attention, and if you’re not there the entire process might come to a halt.

Other than establishing communication, try to be a good host. Serve a few refreshments and snacks since this very small gesture might take you long ways. It will increase your movers moral and help them do the best job they can. Don’t forget, they are still humans, after all.

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