Keep it Simple: 10+ Things to Throw Away When Moving

Do you really need that broken printer or that old curtain your cat ruined ages ago? If you haven’t had the courage to get rid of such items until now, the time before your upcoming move is the right time to do it. Decluttering before moving can make your move a lot easier and more affordable as well. Here are 10+ things to throw away when moving and how to benefit from it.

declutter before moving

Somewhere deep inside we know that we probably won’t need any of those million items we keep stacking up somewhere in our apartment, but for whatever reason we still hold on to them – just in case.

The thing is: the number of “just-in-case”-items keeps growing, and at some point, you’ll be drowning in this pile of unnecessary things you’ve collected over the years.

This is definitely the last thing you need if you’re planning to move. You’ll continue  blocking your new apartment with old stuff if you hold on to them, and you’ll have to pay for their transport, too – an absolute lose-lose situation.

Why not start over and make a win-win situation of it? Moving time is cleaning time!

Decluttering Before Moving to a New Place – Why?

There are a number of reasons how decluttering prior to your move can make your life during and after the move a lot easier:

  • Realizing that memories don’t have to be physical can be very liberating and energizing. No photograph could ever keep up with a genuinely nice feeling you remember!
  • You’ll have more space for yourself
  • Decluttering before moving will help you have fewer things to move, which means lower moving costs!

How to Know Which Things to Throw Away When Moving and Which Ones to Keep?

There are a couple of tricks to consider when deciding what to get rid of when moving that can help you come to a decision.

What’s important is that you don’t rush things. Don’t try to clean up your entire house in a few hours. Take your time. Half an hour a day, one hour – enough to keep you focused on what’s important to you and still get things done in time before moving day.

Here’s what you should ask yourself before deciding what to get rid of before moving:

  1. Is there a suitable and reasonable place for that item in your new house? If you’re just going to put it into a corner way in the back of a closet you could use for something more purposeful, get rid of it.
  2. Is that item really worth a lot to you? Storage space isn’t free neither, and it’s space you could use for other things that make you happy.
  3. Do you use it at all or is there a chance that you will be using it sometime soon? If no, consider throwing it away.
  4. How difficult would it be to replace it? Unique things are irreplaceable. But how about this bag of used pens or that those four bags of socks (don’t judge)? If something takes away a lot of space, if it isn’t difficult to replace without having to overspend, getting rid of it before moving day might be a wise choice.

Don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time deciding what to keep. Removing things you’ve owned for a long time isn’t easy – but once you realize how liberating a clutter-free life is, you’ll wonder why you held on to them for so long.

A Few Ideas on Which Things to Throw Away Before Moving Day

Here are our ideas on items most people keep for no apparent reasons, and which could definitely make packing and moving easier. Saving space is saving money: fewer things, fewer boxes and less weight = lower moving costs!

Old Magazines You Haven’t Looked Into for Ages

Sure, the old Vogue magazines still look fabulous, and the living room arrangement in five of these magazines is pretty neat – but let’s be honest: it would be just a matter of time to find the same picture – or a very, very similar one – online. Google whatever you need and free your apartment from that pile of dusty and unused magazines.

Old Bills and/or Receipts

Depending on where you live, some places recommend keeping bills and receipts for 2-5 years. Can you imagine, storing these things for half a decade? That could easily be more than three boxes of just papers!

Shana Lebowitz from Greatist has a great idea on how to tackle this issue: digitize the old bills and receipts you won’t need for any upcoming tax procedures or items you still want to return. Scan all the receipts, bills and pieces of paper you no longer need, and store them online.

Old Socks and Underwear

Having a few extra pair of socks is fine, but if you could fill an entire box with your “maybe-I-will-need-them”-underpants, it’s time to get rid of them. Especially if they are full of holes. They’ll just take up storage space and box space you could otherwise assign to something more important.

Shoes You Haven’t Worn Forever

Old shoes can take up a lot of space, which is why going through your shoe rack before moving day can be a good idea. If they’re fine, but you just haven’t worn them in ages (and you don’t intend to), consider donating some of them.

In any case, you’ll be happy for the extra space this will give you.

Old and New Clothes

Clothes also require a lot of precious storage space – make sure you’re not just dragging things with you that you won’t be wearing any time soon (or clothes you haven’t worn at all).

decluttering before moving

Instead of throwing your old clothes away, you could go to your local charity organization and donate them instead. Some charity organizations even offer to pick up the clothes from your place.

By the way: the other items you choose to throw away before moving could also be donated. Magazines, books, shoes, electronics – do some research and see if you could help someone by donating these things.

What’s important is to give away what you feel you’re just dragging around. If you’re not using it, if it’s cheap and easy to replace, definitely consider getting rid of it. You’ll see: it’s much more than just a few things to throw away before moving – it’s making room for a new place with a new you!


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