Fraudulent movers – How to recognize them?

Fraudulent movers companies are the ones you have to pay attention to when you are picking a moving company.  Hire a moving company that is going to be a great help, if you don’t have the power to do it on your own.

Millions of people are moving every year. They pack their belongings and go on a search for a better job, better home, better city. The process of moving requires a lot of effort. Whether you are relocating for the first time or you have experience with that, you have to be cautious and careful while choosing a moving company. Not only do you need to find affordable quality services at a suitable time but you also have to avoid moving scams. To avoid fraudulent movers traps and protect yourself from them, follow these steps:

1. When you find a moving company that fits your demands, your job is to check their:  

  • Internet site – you are probably dealing with frauds if you can’t find their page. Or perhaps the page is really poor. 
  • Reviews – if there are negative, It’s a bad sign. Because the previous customers might have reported some kind of problems, it could be possible that you will have some too. However, you should also pay attention to many overly positive reviews it could be a sign of false reviewers. Check out the reviews on reputable moving sites before making a big decision.

2. Get in touch with the company 

When you call the moving company the person who is answering should be professional and kind. They are supposed to provide you with all the answers. The manner in which the conversation with the representatives goes can help you identify and avoid fraudulent movers. Another sign of fraudulent movers is a machine that is answering every time you call. Every reliable and trustworthy moving company will provide you the name, phone number, and all details about services.

3. The blank contract 

Don’t ever sign a blank contract, no matter how much you like the mover. Get absolutely everything in writing. Your estimate and all extra fees should be right there, as well as your pickup and delivery dates. Read your contract from top to bottom and make sure that all your belongings are listed. You can’t file a claim for something that doesn’t appear on the inventory list.

Fraudulent movers
Signing the contract papers

4. Check out the license and insurance of your potential mover

  • The big sign of the fraudulent movers is that they aren’t registered by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), or if their license is expired. So if the representative of the moving company said that they don’t have a license, or they don’t need it, you should skip them.
  • Insurance matter as well. Movers who claim that you don’t need any additional insurance and don’t offer full value replacement valuation, they shouldn’t be trusted. Because they may not be properly insured and don’t want to be responsible for loss or damage your belongings.

5. Refusal of in-home inspection and no estimate

Before you hire a company, they should come to your home or apartment and perform a visual survey of items. After you receive a written estimate of your final moving costs, the price will be formed. It includes the distance, size, and weight of your belongings. It’s also recommended to get estimates in writing from at least three different moving companies so that you can compare them. If a mover refuses to visit your place, that is probably a sign of fraud. 

 6. Large deposits or advance payments

Another sign of fraudulent movers companies is demanding a large deposit or advance payments. If you pay anything in advance, you are risking never seeing your movers again. Because they will take the money and you won’t be able to reach them. Most reliable companies won’t ask for any cash deposit. Because your things are the deposit, and you are going to pay when the job is done.

Pay after the job is done.
Pay attention if you are giving money in advance!

7.  Move that is hard to schedule

If you chose a moving company that keeps changing the date of your move, you have to be careful because they might be frauds. Professional movers will respect your time and do everything on schedule. Of course, plans can change depending on some factors, such as the weather. But they should never be changed in the last minute.

 8. Fraudulent movers have an unmarked truck

If your movers arrive in an unmarked truck on moving day, it’s a sign of fraudulent movers or shady intents don’t let them in your home. A legitimate moving company van or truck should have a company name, address, website or phone number on it. In case you decide to proceed with your move, take a clear picture of the vehicle and licensing plate – just in case.

9. Not knowledgeable mover

Workers are supposed to have the answers to all your moving and transport questions. That is the most important thing. Moving professionals is that exactly what everyone needs. The sigh of a fraud is that if your mover seems uncertain or won’t give you the answers, especially about the claims process.

10. Last minute attempts of frauds

The movers may attempt some last-minute tricks on Moving day just to take some extra dollars out of your pocket. They claim that the companies rates are higher for that particular day of the week or month. That unexpected difficulties have occurred when handling your possessions and certain extra services were necessitated. Be careful not to fall into the trap – contact the company to demand an explanation. Fortunately, taking the time to conduct a little research before you hire a mover can often circumvent any issues. Consider these tips before you entrust any business with your belongings.  

If you didn’t recognize the signs of fraud and you got scammed by the moving company here are some tips on what to do next:

  • Post your experience on They can give you good advice, like how to proceed with your case. Other costumes will know who to avoid in their relocation
  • File your complaint to FMCSA
  • Complain to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB may actually try to arbitrate the case between you and the company
  • Contact the local media – which is to cast a spotlight on a fraudulent moving company
  • MoveRescue – their mission is to assist in dealing with fraudulent movers who are holding your goods hostage
  • Turn to Local Police

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