Renting a moving container – what to know?

There are many types of moving. Hiring a full-service moving company, DIY move, renting a moving container, etc. If you decided to transport your items in a container, you should know some things before renting it. Or if you have doubts, having facts may help you make the right choice. That’s why we are here. To explain how it works, why to choose, and how to choose the right moving container for your next move.

Benefits of renting a moving container

Why people rent a container for relocation? What are the benefits and how it may help you? If you want to avoid moving mistakes do research and choose the best option of transport.

  • Accessibility is the first benefit. The moving container will be delivered in front of your house or in the backyard, so you don’t have to rush with packing. A container can be there as long as you want. Make an order while packing and secure your belongings. You can pack little by little every day and have accessibility 24/7 because it is on your property.
  • The moving containers are coming to different sizes, so you don’t have to pay more than needed. You will be able to put all your household items inside. Decide what you want to move and then choose a container for the best results.
  • Your items will be protected and safe. Containers are made from steel which is durable. Also, they are waterproof, so if it rains, you don’t have to worry. Lock your moving container and belongings are safe. No matter what the weather is, you can move without worrying about your items.
  • There are no hidden fees and it is very affordable. Renting a moving container is budget-friendly. Which is perfect if moving on a budget. Move and save money.
A living room.
It is complicated to move the entire house, but it does not have to be

Tips for renting a container for your relocation

Now when you know all the main benefits and why should you rent a container, you should also know how to rent it and on what to pay attention to. These tips may help you choose the best company and the best container. Renting a moving container can be hassle-free and very simple if you have all the right tips.

Set a budget

Costs are one of the biggest concerns when moving, for most people. So, first of all, how much money can you spend on relocation? Containers are one of the cheap options for transportations, but it also costs. The costs mostly depend on the size of a moving container. The bigger it is – the more expensive it’s going to be. The other factor is the distance between your new and current home, but that factor you cannot change.

Decide what to move

You probably don’t need all your items. Before choosing and renting a moving container decide what you will move. This step is also going to help you with moving costs and cutting them. How? As we mentioned before, costs are directly connected to the size and weight of your items. Also, why to waste time by packing items you don’t use and need anymore? To save money even more, find affordable moving containers in your budget.

Get quotes from companies

There are many companies in the USA that are renting moving containers, offering storage units, etc. No matter are you planning a long-distance move or a short one, ask for a quote from different companies. Choose 3 or 4 of them an get the best deal. Also, ask questions related to moving. Compare companies and choose the best and the most reliable one. They will transport all your items, it is a big deal. You must trust the company.

Compare different container companies and compare their offers and costs

Get insurance

Only trust is not enough. Better be safe than sorry – so get the right insurance for your items during moving. If anything happens (you never know), the insurance company will cover the damage. It will also give you peace of mind during transportation. Contact insurance broker and protect yourself, your items and the container. A company may offer you insurance too.

Check the company you want to hire

Check the company by reading online reviews, visit social media profiles, ask past clients about their experience, etc. A container company should give you a couple of references if you ask. If the past customers are satisfied, there are great chances you will be too.

Visit a company

By visiting the company, you will see containers in person and also talk to storage constants are other workers. They can help you choose the right size container and show you different options and types of containers. Prepare some questions in advance such as will there be clearance on your new property, are all containers protected from stormes, wind and rain, do they provide protection from graffiti, etc.

Loading and unloading items

Loading and unloading items to/from a moving container will be your concern. Ask a couple of strong friends to help you lift and carry heavy and large pieces of furniture. The container will be dropped off in your yard and when you are finished, the company will come to transport a container to your new home. It is simple, but you will definitely need help with packing.

Two men carrying a piece of furniture.
Ask in advance for the help with packing, if your friends can’t do it, hire professionals


As you can see, renting a moving container is not complicated and that expensive. Of course, it has some fees, but you will know in advance everything about costs. The first job you should finish is to declutter and separate all the items you want to move and items you want to toss. Unnecessary items you can sell, donate, recycle, or simply throw away. Good luck with the upcoming relocation!


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