Reasons why moving to Monterey with your family is a great idea

Looking for a new place to move to with your family? You have decided to live in California, particularly in Monterey, but what this place in CA can offer to families with kids? And is it a good idea? If considering moving to Monterey with your family, then you first need to research the area, see what this place has to offer, are schools good, what are the costs of living, etc.

Is moving to Monterey with your family a good option?

Many people are attracted by Monterey because it is a little bit cheaper than cities around (San Diego and San Francisco), and also it has a slower pace of life. If you are moving with a baby you will probably want a little more quiet area where you can raise your kids. These two are the main reasons for moving here, but not the only one.

The county of Monterey has about half of million residents. They live in cities and smaller towns and the largest city in this area is Salinas. These are some of the reasons why people with kids are moving to Monterey.

A family sitting in the room.
When moving with family, there are so many factors to consider

Housing costs

Living in California is not cheap, but when it comes to Monterey, this place is a little bit cheaper than some other cities in this area. The median home value is about $530,00 and the average rent is $2,000, more affordable than in San Francisco, for example.

If you cannot afford a big apartment, look in smaller towns (the average rent there is about $1,300), or rent a storage unit and store all items you are not using every day. Having storage to simplify the process of settling down is a good idea also.


Amtrak train station is located in Monterey if you will use public transportation. Driving a car is also an option because there is plenty of parking lots. Traffic jams are not that crazy because of the good organization. If you are traveling a lot to other cities and states, Monterey Regional Airport is located in Monterey.


The humidity is about 65 percent but even besides that, the weather is amazing. Temperatures are rising to only 68 degrees and there are many sunny days in a year. Perfect for spending time outside, on the beach, or just enjoying good weather. Summers are a little bit cooler from the winter months (because of proximity to the Pacific Ocean), but still, there will be no bad weather to ruin your day.

Nature beauties

Monterey is a beautiful place because of its nature. Parks and coastal areas are attracting families to move here. Also, many tourists are coming here to explore this little piece of heaven. Besides that, you can dive and explore the undersea world. Your kids will be surrounded by amazing nature and breathtaking views.

Best places in Monterey County for families

Monterey County is not small and it has plenty of towns you should consider as your new home. One of the first steps to take when moving is to choose a perfect location for your family. It must be safe and family-friendly too. Top 10 town in Monterey for raising kids are:

  • Carmel by the Sea
  • Del Monte Forest
  • Pacific Grove
  • Carmel Valley Village
  • Monterey
  • Del Ray Oaks
  • Marina
  • Seaside
  • Prunedale
  • Salinas
Looking for places for moving to Monterey with your family.
Choose the right location in Monterey for you and your family – a place where your kids can grow

Tips for moving with your family to Monterey

One of the mistakes people make when moving with a large family is not to be prepared and organized. It is not easy to manage a relocation when you have kids running around the house, packing their items, explaining to them why you are moving, etc.

  • Organize and plan ahead, every step should be planned in advance. This will reduce stress and you will be more organized.
  • Talk to your kids about moving and why should you move. Have a conversation and let them understand why moving is a good option for your family.
  • Start looking for a moving company to help you transport your household items to Monterey. One of the companies to consider is Mod Movers California because they have experience.
  • Create a moving checklist and you won’t forget to do or to pack something.
  • Include the entire family when moving and pack together. If you have younger kids, then make a game from packing, for example, who will pack toys faster.
  • Declutter and clean the house before moving to Monterey with your family.
  • Pack essential moving boxes for every person in your family. It should include cleaning supplies, things for the first night in a new home, clothing, snacks, water, some toys, etc.
  • Pack kids’ items last and unpack them first after moving.
Packing before moving to Monterey with your family.
Pack together with your family and work as a team

Things to do in Monterey, CA with kids

To help your kids cope with moving, let them make a list of places they want to visit and try after moving to Monterey. Luckily for you, it has plenty of places to offer to kids and adults too. You won’t be bored and your kids will be happy and you can all have fun together as a family.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Dennis the Menace Park
  • Pinnacles National Park
  • Point Sur State Historic Park Lighthouse
  • Zoo
  • Cannery Row
  • MY museum
  • McWay Falls

Or just spend your day on the beach with your family and relax after moving. Beaches are amazing and the ocean will refresh you. After moving to Monterey with your family, you can visit all those interesting places, and the beach will always be there. You will get a feeling that you are on vacation 24/7.

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