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Hiring global movers from Japan is always a good idea, whenever relocating across the borders. Usually, these large companies pay attention to the smallest of details. They will have a fail proof system which satisfies their customers, as well. But, this post will be introducing to you a rather small part of the world with a large influence on the market. So, if you are planning on using global movers, let us tell you how to hire international movers from Japan.

Here are some tips on how to pick the best global movers from Japan.
If you’re using global movers from Japan for your relocation, let us give you some tips!

Some things to know before hiring global movers

Moving, in general, tends to get a bit expensive and stressful. So learn how to reduce the moving stress. If you are moving across countries, the costs are quite high. So, here are a few tips on how to reduce the costs when using global movers:

  • If you are using global movers for work…

It is often that one has to relocate for a job position, no? Well, if this is your first time doing so, you might not be aware of a lot of ways to reduce the costs of the trip. So, it’s a good idea to talk to your co-workers or boss. It doesn’t really matter if you’re moving to another country or not. Your colleagues will know if there are any kind of package deals or referrals which you might be able to get, movers-wise. Especially if you are using global movers, be sure to ask before relocating. After all, if your company uses these movers they will be reliable. Also, the movers might be able to offer you a better deal on your move.

  • If you want to cut your global movers cost even more…

We’ve already talked a bit about getting reliable international movers from Japan. Our suggestion is to contact one of the best Japanese international moving companies: www.ksemoving.com. Now, how do you save even more money on a move? There are a number of ways which you can use to cut the costs, in fact. You may be packing in a creative manner – using clothing instead of wrapping. Or, you could decide to donate or sell some of your well-preserved items – eBay is a perfect place. But, there are a few rules regarding your items which you should consider before packing in order to cut the costs when using global movers. 

In order to avoid common moving mistakes, check on the following:

If you're using global movers from Japan, be sure to know how to cut the cost.
Be sure to know the proper ways to cut the costs in a move with global movers from Japan.
  • How replaceable is this item?

    If it’s something that you will be able to easily buy after moving, it may be better to save money on relocating with it. Your global movers could be very useful in gaging which items are expensive to move, and which aren’t.

  • Is insurance more expensive than buying a new item?

    Some items simply cost too much to insure. See if you would be able to buy a brand new item after you move. How much would it cost? If the price of the insurance is higher, don’t waste money in using your global movers to relocate the item.

  • How long can you survive without it?

    Some of your possessions won’t really fit either category which we’ve already listed. They will be very expensive to transport using global movers and they will also be expensive to buy. So, ask yourself if you really need this item for a couple of months after your move? If the answer is no, perhaps it’s possible to simply save up money and buy a new item after your relocation?

If you’re using global movers from Japan, you should know…

If you're wondering what kind of services global movers from Japan offer, read on
You should know what kind of services global movers from Japan offer.

Choosing movers is hard enough, but picking the perfect global movers company does get even more difficult. We’ve given you some advice on how to lower the costs of an international move already. It’s time that we told you some tips about a Japanese move, right? So, let’s start with the beginning of the move:

  • When choosing a global movers company, have at least five in your arsenal

    Don’t do any reviews reading or extensive searching before narrowing down your choices to the last five companies to save time. (Be sure to check out their websites, a perfect example would be www.kokusaiexpress.com)

  • Plan ahead before calling global movers from Japan

    Be sure to leave plenty of time for packing and organizing from the initial contact with your movers. You can contact them directly, if you speak the language, or via the website.

  • When picking the right global movers from Japan, the quotation is the most important part

    The movers will evaluate the following on this day:

    • Your location – the price will depend on the length of the move, as well as prefecture
    • Your possessions (amount and bulk) – definitely the most important part of the evaluation, it will greatly influence the price
    • Difficulty of the move – if your building has an elevator or not will influence the price the global movers from Japan will offer, as well
    • Time (their peak season, as well as time and day of the week for the move) – be sure to avoid the peak season, March-April, so that you don’t have to pay extra for the move
    • Removing excess items – if you have any old textbooks, paper or any items you will be disposing of, it’s often cheaper to do it yourself.
    • Packing – some global movers from Japan will offer to both to pack and unpack your belongings… for a price!
    • Payment – if you’re paying in cash, you’re likely to score yet another lowering of the quotation
    • Your appearance – if you’re a foreigner using Japanese global movers, you might get an expensive quote right away. Be sure to do your best and not be fooled. Also, looking experienced might also be a factor.
  • Finally, when picking global movers from Japan be sure to haggle about the estimate

    The best idea would be to tell all companies to send their representatives at the same time for the quotation. This way, they will bring down the other’s price on their own. As this is completely normal when moving in Japan, you might find reviews on the net telling you that people have lowered the initial quote down by 50%!

Altogether, we hope that we’ve prepared you for hiring global movers from Japan in the near future!

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