How to pack your bicycle when moving long-distance

Many people might think that DIY packing can save a lot of money. But, when it comes to items that are large and difficult to pack, maybe the best solution is to leave everything to the professionals. You see, bicycles are both a useful tool and the most reliable way to get around. So, when it comes to a big move, don’t just throw your bike in the back of the moving truck. Because this almost guarantees damage in transit. That’s why if you don’t want specialists to handle the job, then you need to learn how to pack your bicycle when moving long-distance.

How to pack a bicycle

First of all, you need to know how to plan a long-distance move. Then, you should prepare for packing. Make sure to gather enough supplies and you will be ready. When it comes to bikes you should start packing your bicycle inside a bike box before putting it inside the moving trailer or moving container. Because there’s more chance for damage if it isn’t boxed. If you don’t have a bike box, then you should consider getting a bike carrier for your vehicle or building a box to fit your bike. Or, as we said before, get a moving specialist and you will have nothing to worry about.

Old bicycle.
When you gather supplies you will be ready to pack your bicycle when moving long-distance.

Supplies you will need to pack your bicycle when moving long-distance

So, what should you include in your moving checklist? Well, everything! That includes finding the house, the entire process of moving and list of packing supplies you need to pack your bike.

  • Cardboard bike box
  • Extra cushion
  • Smaller cardboard box
  • Wrapping material
  • Packing tape
  • Foam protection tubes (optional)
  • Zip ties
  • Derailleur guards
  • Allen wrench set

Find boxes

When you find high-quality movers like Evolution Moving Company NB, you will be in good hands. But when you choose to do some moving jobs by yourself, then you need to know how to prepare. And when it comes to packing a bike, you must find the right supplies. Choosing the right box to pack your bicycle when moving long-distance is essential. Also, make sure to find ultra-protective travel cases, if you’re not planning on transporting your bike regularly, it’s simply not worth the hefty price tag. You see, most bikes are delivered to the store in cardboard boxes, and this means that nearly all bike shops will have leftover boxes that they’d otherwise thrown away. This is a great place to find what you need.

When you are getting boxes, it’s important to look at the quality. They don’t have to be in an excellent condition. You can easily patch up some minor tears and holes. Anyway, the box itself should be solidly held together. When you find a box, take it home and use heavy-duty tape and additional cardboard pieces to patch up any rips or openings. Also, if the box has intentionally cut holes for use as handles, you shouldn’t cover them up. Because they are going to be extremely helpful to you and the movers to help in holding the large and heavy box.

Cardboard box and other supplies can help you pack your bicycle when moving long-distance.
Make sure that you gather all the packing supplies.

Disable your bike

The first thing you have to think about when you are disabling your bike is floor protection. Then, you need to remove all smaller pieces and accessories with your wrenches. That includes water bottle holders, front and rear racks, front and rear fender, panniers and pedals. Make sure that the pedals are removed too. Because they can easily burst through the box while moving. In smaller boxes you can put some bike accessories. This is where you will save tools, hardware, panniers, bottle holders, etc.

What to do next?

Those small pieces from your bicycle you should carefully wrap. This not only protects the piece itself but also keeps them from scratching or destroying anything else. That’s why when you are about to pack your bicycle when moving long-distance you should place them in the smaller box. For additional protection for your bike, place foam tubing, like pipe insulation or wrapping material, around the bike frame. This can help you minimize the chances of scratches during the move. Then, you should use tape or zip ties to keep wrapping in place.

If it happens that you don’t have enough space for your bike in your new home, you should talk to your movers. They will offer you a solution and, your stuff will be safe in a storage unit. Just make sure that all pieces are together, and since you packed them it won’t be a problem to assemble them.

Prepare bigger pieces for packing

Now that many of the smaller items are in the box, it’s time for the bigger pieces. Deflate the tires from both sides. This is very important if air travel is involved as inflated wheels can explode. That’s why you need to know how to prepare for moving abroad. Once the tires have been fully deflated, you should take the front wheel off. So since you removed the back wheel, the bike chain, rear cassette, the next thing is derailleur.

All left pieces should be put the side. Wrap them carefully, and smoothly attach the chain to the body of the bike with zip ties. After the wheels have been deflated and removed, place them to the side while you finish disassembling the rest of the bike. The last thing you have to remove is the entire seat from the bike. Make sure to carefully wrap this piece up, as the bar is notorious for causing scratching and damage during the transportation.

A wheel of a bike.
Be careful when packing parts of your bicycle!

Ready for moving

Now when everything is over, your bike is safe and secure for the big move! During this relocation security of the bike is the most important thing you need to have in mind. And if you are not sure how to pack your bicycle when moving long-distance, then you should hire someone who does. At an affordable price, you can make a deal with your movers. In their hands, your bike will be ready for transport in no time.

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