Moving with a cat – how to make it simple?

Moving is a demanding project, and the most important thing, in order to relocate successfully, is preparation. And, if you have some company, you need to prepare even better. Especially if that company is furry. So, moving with a pet requires some additional activities in order to ensure that your pet will have no problems during the move. What is important to realize is that changing an environment can be very difficult for pets, especially for cats. Therefore, you need to approach moving with a cat strategically. As you probably already know, cats are asking for a lot of care, hence you need to focus your attention on them during such big undertaking as moving is. In order to help you prepare, we made this ultimate guide. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about your upcoming relocation with your furry friend.

How to prepare for moving with a cat

Once you start looking for movers, make sure you find one with previous experience of relocations with pets. For instance, when looking for movers in Boston area online, type additional keyword “pet” in order to get relevant results. Note to your movers that you have a friend moving with you, so they can prepare properly as well.

How to prepare your cat for a move

You need to ensure that your cat is safe and relaxed during the relocation. In order to do that, you will need to make some preparations prior to the moving. Here are some tips on how to prepare your furry friend for the big day.

Visit the veterinarian

One of the most important tasks you have is to bring your cat to the veterinarian. You need to make sure your cat is up to date with all necessary vaccines before the move. Additionally, ask a veterinarian to check if there are any parasites, as those can make big problems on a moving day. In case you are moving far away, you will probably need to change a veterinarian. Therefore, ask for a copy of your cat’s medical record. This way you will be able to familiarize the new veterinarian with the health history of your cat. This is particularly important, as he will need to know which vaccines your cat already got.

A veterinarian with a cat.
Visit the vet before moving with a cat

Finally, see if the veterinarian can prescribe you some anti-anxiety pills for your cat. These can be of utmost help, especially if your cat’s temperament can imply that she’ll have problems during relocation. Ask for an advice on how you should prepare your cat for that day, as the vet will know how to help you. For an example, if you are moving during the winter, maybe some supplements and vitamins will help your cat to build up immune system for the trip.

Adapting to the carrier

A cat in the carrier, to be used when moving with a cat.
Make sure your cat is used to the carrier

In case your cat never entered a carrier, you will need to help her to adapt to it. This is very important, especially if you are moving with a cat for the first time. Even if you already used a carrier for taking your cat to the vet, or on a short trip, you should go through the adaptation process. There are two types of carriers – soft-top and hard-top. Soft-top is more convenient for planes and hard-top for other types of transportation. Here is what you should do:

  • Place the carrier next to cat’s bed and leave the door open.
  • Put some treats inside so the cat has a reason to walk in.
  • Serve at least one meal a day inside of the carrier.
  • Make a safe hideaway by putting a blanket over it.
  • Have short trips with the cat inside the carrier.

It is very important to do this for at least a week, so the cat has enough time to start feeling comfortable inside the carrier. This way you will prevent troubles when moving. Trust us – troubles are the last thing you need at this moment.

Moving day

As mentioned before, it is important to emphasize to your movers that you are moving with a cat. You can find reliable and experienced movers anywhere, and is just one of them. And if you did everything by the book, you and your cat are ready for the moving day. But this is not the end, hence you can’t completely relax. You need to take care of your furry friend and make your cat comfortable all the way to the new home.

Before moving, make sure your cat has its meal. She can’t go hungry on a trip. Place her inside the carrier, and cover it with a blanket. If you have anti-anxiety pills, give them to your cat as they will help her during the move. Once you hit your new home, let the cat explore the new place. Place her inside one room or the bathroom while movers are unloading a truck. This way your cat will be safe, and you will not need to think about her getting hurt.

Some final tips

A white kitten.
Let your cat explore the new home

Keep in mind that your cat must have adaptation dedicated time and that you need to make sure it goes well. Remember that cats are very territorial and they need time to adjust to new surrounding. Be patient and let your cat explore the new home as long as she needs. And if she makes a mess, be gentle, as you do not want to cause any additional stress. Everything will be fine after a couple of days, so give your cat enough time to adjust. Let her choose her new favorite spot for sleeping and sandbox. This way you will be sure that once you leave home, everything will be at its place once you come back.

Now you are ready for moving with a cat, and if you follow the tips listed above, you’ll face no problems. Just make sure to include your cat’s needs in the moving checklist as that is the best way not to forget anything.

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