Moving to a Small Town – Is it a Good Idea?

I am a big city person. I love the noise, the smell, hundreds of thousands of people, the rush. Lights that never go off, day and night. I love the pace, always in a hurry but never in time. Well, at least I used to until I got fed up with all of it, got tired, packed up everything and left. I never thought that moving to a small town would be a good idea. But this was possibly the best idea I ever had.

Going out on a limb I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, but I knew it felt right. I lost myself in the big city. The neverending pursuit of somebody else’s dreams, in somebody else’s time, made me neglect what I really wanted to do and become. This is where I realized why moving to a small town was such a good idea.

Image shows how a very gorgeous, small street in a small town looks like. Colorful and full of life.
Image of a typical small town street.

More Time for Yourself

My city schedule was insane, to say the least. There was practically no single free timeslot in my week, bouncing work and social events barely made enough time for a healthy sleeping pattern. This small town changed that. I finally got room to breathe and focus on projects I always wanted to do. For someone, these would be painting, or composing music, or photography – you name it. Just imagine no background noise and flashy distractions – just you and the thing you were always passionate about.

I’ve had this idea about an epic fantasy tale that I wanted to write, and every time I would sit down to start doing it something else pulled me away from it. Now I finally have the time to dedicate my full attention to it.

Small Town Reputation

You know how they say ‘big fish in a small pond’? For those who love that feeling a small town would be your go-to place. I take this over being a small fish in a big pond any day. It is not true that job opportunities in small towns are scarce. Add to this the opportunities given by virtual networks and you got yourself a remote dream job that allows you to stay at home… or on a bench near a lake.

People notice you being successful much faster, and you can start enjoying your well-earned respect faster than you think. Which brings me to the next very important thing.

Everybody Knows Your Name, and You Know Theirs

Living in a small town inclines that you will get to know everyone there. On your way to the gas station, you will meet dozens of people who will greet you by your name. The lady at the counter will know your name, and you will be able to indulge in a small chit chat that is ever so pleasant. You know the local cops, grocery store clerks, pharmacists, firefighters, teachers. This means that you are all part of the same loving community that helps each other out and genuinely cares about each other. Never will you get that feeling in a big city where countless people rush by one another, staring at their smartphones and thinking about their busy schedules.

In small towns, people are not in such a hurry. They have time to say hello and just be kind to their neighbors.

Healthier Lifestyle

When you’re not in a constant hurry your lifestyle becomes far healthier. You breathe clean air and there is not that much traffic around. There are no tall building blocking the skyline and you feel less anxious, with more room to move around. You don’t eat fast food because you are no longer on such a tight schedule. You have access to farm-grown fruits and vegetables. There are no large industries changing the ecosystem. There is far less noise and you get to keep your windows open at night while you sleep.

Image shows organic cherry tomatoes and home made yogurt served for breakfast.
The food that’s available to those living in small towns. Yum!

Overall, I’ve been eating better food, had a regular sleeping pattern and the air I breathe is entirely different.

Small Towns Save Money

Living in a big city is expensive. Whatever you decide to do makes your hard earned cash go away. This is one of the largest changes small-town life made in my life. Even going to the supermarket is cheaper. The overall cost of living in a small town is far less when compared to the life in a city. This is also due to the fact that there are far fewer temptations that lure you to spend your money.

I was able to save up a preposterous amount of money since I moved, and the best part is that did not have to give up on anything in particular, and as a result, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Lower Crime Rate

The lower population of people that know each other – this alone dictates a much lower crime rate. As a result, this makes such communities extremely safe to be in. You’re able to freely walk around, even late at night, without any threat lurking about. There is almost no street crime and there is less chance for you to be mugged or worse.

The image shows empty, small town streets that always seem safe and welcoming.
You are free to walk around even in the middle of the night without any fear.

Small Town is an Ideal Place to Plan a Family

Image shows two happy kids growing up in a smaller town.
Kids growing up in small towns grow up in a much safer, pollution free environment.

All of the above-mentioned characteristics of life in a small town make it the perfect spot to start a family. If you are going to have kids you want them growing up in a safe environment above all. Secondly, you want them breathing clean air and eating the healthiest food possible. Also, local schools offer very high-quality education with teachers who are completely dedicated to the kids.

So is it a Good Idea?

Definitely. Maybe it’s not for everyone but it sure hit the spot with me. It is a decision that you’ll need to give a lot of thought before calling the movers. But make no mistake, I’ve never been healthier and happier in any city as I am in this small town.

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