Moving to a rural area in Ohio – how to prepare

Ah, Ohio. State of football, astronauts and the home of rock and roll. The state takes its name from the Ohio River, whose name in turn originated from the Seneca word, meaning ‘good river’. It is a state of many great cities, like Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. But a number of people nowadays cannot stand loud and obnoxious urban areas no more, and they go to the countryside. It is a smart choice. Moving to a rural area in Ohio is a wonderful way of living. If you are one of people who are fascinated by rural Ohio, then this article is for you.

If you grew up in an urban or suburban area, be prepared for a bit of culture shock. Perhaps you’re moving there to work, or maybe you just need some peace which you can’t find in cities. Some people move from smaller towns to big cities for urban experience, or also for work. Whatever the reason, rural life has its differences. You probably have some ideas about moving to a rural area, but here are some things you may encounter while moving to Ohio.

nice rural house
You’ll have as much space as you need

Before you move to a rural area in Ohio, you should hire a moving company

It is a great misconception that moving on your own will save you money. That may be true for local move, where you move a few blocks or neighborhoods away. If you’re from suburban Columbus you can find a moving company that serves Hilard. 

Go to for more information about the topic. Zippy Shell is a great company that gives its best to satisfy customers. Don’t move on your own, especially if you’re moving to a rural area in Ohio. Expenses will be drastically lower with the right moving company.

No more short trips

One of the convenient aspects of city life is that there are grocery stores, other shops and restaurants on every corner. If you need just one thing, like a gallon of orange juice, you can just hop in the car and get it right away.

In a rural area, odds are, you’ll be far away from those places. You will need to plan your shopping trips more carefully, and you’ll probably have one or two trips to a grocery store per week. But of course there is a trade-off. Naturally, you’ll get all of the things you need, and you’ll store them in your basement and attic. So it’s not such a big deal. You’ll probably have more space there. Houses are more affordable, and you’ll probably have a bigger one than in the city. You’ll no more feel pressure of the urban crowd and the stress level will be lower. It is only an illusion that proximity of shops and stores in cities means that you’ll have more time. So, if you plan on moving to a rural area in Ohio, you’ve made a great choice. No matter the distance, you will have more time.

apartment buildings
Do you really want to live in a city?

People know each other

In rural areas everyone knows everyone. Rural Ohio is not an exception. If you’re used to living in an urban area, then you’re probably used to going out and not running into anyone you know. In the rural Ohio (and for that matter anywhere in the country side) people will know each other. Even if you live miles from your first neighbor, you’ll probably know each other. You might meet them in places like Wallmart, where you both go for shopping once a week. You’ll meet people from general area over and over, and they will generally want to talk.

If you are from an area where strangers ignore each other, being approached by people you don’t know may be awkward at first. Just remember that most of the people who live in a country side are welcoming and nice. They are not affected by stress tied to cities. Be kind yourself, and you will find great friends there.

If possible, avoid conservation about religion and politics. Ohio is a swing state, and people who grew up in rural areas tend to have strong opinions about those topics. Let people there know you first before you deliver your opinion on those topics.

People are helpful

After moving to a rural area, it may be hard to find an electrician or plumber. If they have an opportunity to find jobs nearby, they probably will. People there usually rely on each other, or on their own knowledge for those kinds of things. You may find locals who are willing to help you with your household problems, and you should help others when possible. If you or someone you live with gets sick, odds are, your new friends will try to make your life easier by bringing hot meals.  And you should help others in time of need too.

It doesn’t sound like city

In country side, houses are generally spaced farther apart. It’ll be even weirder if you move from an apartment to a house in rural Ohio. You’ll hear more animals and other unfamiliar sounds from the surrounding wilderness. If you live far away from others, this may be scary. The “cabin in the woods” horror trope may even come to mind. But don’t be afraid, it’s a wonderful experience, you’ll be fine. You should probably be more afraid of strangers in urban areas than of animals. If you must, lock up you house and get an alarm system. It may take a week or so to get used to the sense of isolation, but in time, you’ll feel great again. Don’t worry, you’ll adapt. Even better than in noise polluted cities.

fog barn
No, it’s not like this


Electrical power tends to go out more often than in urban areas. That’s something else you’ll need to get used to. But like in the previous case, you’ll probably be fine. For some electrical appliances, you may need to get a backup battery. If you can’t go anywhere without the internet, make sure your mobile phone has a hotspot.

In some cases, rural Ohio may not have a great call reception at all. It is usually not the case, but it’s possible. For this situation, get a landline. Overall, rural Ohio is wonderful. Once you’ve adjusted, it is not too difficult to live there.


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