Why you should move to a small town

If you have a dream to move to a small town, there are a few things you should think about. It is undeniable that smaller cities are getting more and more popular in the United States. This is due to the cost of living in a large city becoming very overwhelming for many people. Additionally, affordable options for housing are harder to come across many people who are still drawn to bigger cities. Moreover, moving to a smaller town comes with many positive changes. You will experience a great lifestyle shift that only a move to a small town can give you. However, there will surely be a couple of things which you might need getting used to.

What to expect when making a move to a small town

  1. Living Costs

Living in a small town is significantly cheaper than living in a big city. For example, an apartment with a single bedroom in a bigger city like Chicago costs up to $1632 a month. On the other hand, a great place can be available in a smaller town for a fraction of that price. Specifically, for only $675 per month, you can find a beautiful home in the small towns around Lake Superior. Choosing to move to a small town will definitely maintain your moving budget and help keep your finances in check.

  1. Transportation

If you’re used to big city life, you may also be used to getting around on a scooter or bike. Also, public trains and buses are usually great options for transportation in a big city. However, this is often not the case in smaller towns. You can, of course, still, use your bike or scooter. Having said that, if you move to a small town, keep in mind that they are often farther away. Therefore, you may have to cross larger distances on your way to work or to school.

car in the street - move to a small town
Investing in a car might be a smart move

Because of this, you should think about investing in a car. However, if you do get a car, prepare for monthly payments, insurance fees, and maintenance. On the other hand, the lifestyle in a small town is often slower. Therefore, it is possible that walking will become your preferred form of transportation. It will benefit both your health and your social life since many people in small towns prefer walking nowadays.

  1. Living space

As previously mentioned, finding affordable housing is quite a problem in big cities. An even bigger problem can be finding a space large enough for your needs. This is why big cities are boosting minimalistic houses. However, if you move to a small town, you won’t have to put up with this. Small towns offer large living spaces not only in houses but in apartments as well. Whichever you prefer, be sure to always check and find the best neighborhood possible.

Moreover, you have to think about paying rent. It is fact that the bigger the city, the higher the rent. Also, you will be getting a tiny space for a large price. On the other hand, small towns give you the comfort of living in a large space while being on a budget. This will give you the opportunity to raise a family in a typical family home. Also, you can fulfill your dreams of having a beautiful garden. Due to this, moving to a small town is perfect if you want to enjoy the open space. It will give you the freedom of raising your family in a natural environment. Meanwhile, it will also help you save up on rent and similar expenses.

You might find difficulties when moving from an apartment to a house. But, don’t worry, you will definitely adjust quickly.

  1. Traveling to and from work

It is a well-known fact that traffic in a big city is a real nightmare. Especially during the most crucial times, like when you have to commute to and from work. It can get as bad as driving every single day for hours from one part of the city to another. However, there are no traffic jams or rush hours in small towns. This means that you will have more time in your daily life.

hand holding flowers for planting
You can pick up new hobbies like gardening

We all know very well how precious time is. You could get more of your work done quicker. You could spend more time with your family. Or you could start a new hobby or finally learn how to do something you had always dreamed of. In a small town, not only is this possible, but it is also highly common. People who move to a small town tend to lead a simpler yet more fulfilling life. This is one of the main reasons why small towns are becoming more and more popular these days.

However, if your daily route to and from work if too extreme, you should think about relocating your business. Sometimes a small town can be great for business, too.

  1. Lifestyle

What is probably the best part of living in a smaller town is the amazing lifestyle change you will experience. If you’re used to life in a big city, you’re most likely also used to the noise. However, most people cannot stand staying up late at night because of the noisy bars, traffic, and busy nightlife. On the other hand, if you move to a small town, you’ll be getting away from all of that wildness. You will no longer have to put up with the noisy downtown areas. However, you will get to enjoy and relax every single day in your new small town environment. For this reason, small towns are perfect for introverts and others who prefer a quieter lifestyle.

row of small town houses
A move to a small town might be just what you need

Moreover, some people who move to a small town occasionally end up missing the rush and noise of bigger cities. If this turns out to be the case for you, you’ll be able to easily make a visit. For example, a family weekend trip is always a good idea. However, when it comes to daily activities, most small cities in the US have enough attractions to keep anyone occupied.

Whether you choose to move to a small town or not, you will eventually need some storage and moving help. This is why BestPrice Moving & Storage is perfect for you. This is an interstate moving company which will make your relocation easy and stress-free!

Did you decide?

A more rural environment might be just what you need. Along with this, if you decide to make the move, you will end up saving money. Finally, before deciding on a move to a small town, taking a quick vacation to your potential location is recommended. This way you will be sure that small town life is or isn’t what you need.

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