How to pack your clothes for moving day?

When we plan to move, one of the seemingly easiest tasks is packing clothes. But is really that easy? The answer is yes and no. It is important to follow certain guidelines, which we will provide below so you don’t have to spend too much time and space on this task. Follow our tips, and before you know it you will become an expert on how to pack your clothes for moving day.

1# Clean your closet

This is the right moment to get rid of unnecessary clothes. Open your closet and start sorting. If it seems easier, make a list and write down everything. Ask yourself:

  • Do you love it?
  • You need it?
  • Do you use it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it look outdated?
image of paper and pens.
You can write everything down if it helps!

Keep in mind: the more you purge, the less you’ll have to move and eventually unpack in the new house. Don’t let sentimentality take hold. Your goal is to save some space and money. Donate, or sell anything that is in good condition and get rid of the rest.

2# Set aside The clothes you plan to wear on the day you move

First, separate some clothes that will serve you on the moving day and few days that follow. Most likely, not all things will arrive at once, or you will not be able to unpack immediately, so we recommend that you have more than one outfit at hand. Also, do not forget about weather conditions – pack your clothes for moving day wisely.

Image of a suitcase.
Make sure to set aside clothes that you plan on wearing on a moving day.

3# Start sorting

The more clothes you have to pack, the more important is that everything is well sorted. This process can take a bit more time than you plan, but it will make things much easier for you in the long run. It will help your unpacking go smoothly. The first items you should pack are seasonal clothes and ones that you don’t use on a daily basis. For example: if you’re moving during the winter, start with your summer clothes.

Sort by:

  • Material
  • Season
  • Size
  • Types of clothes
  • Occasion

*If you are moving to Pittsburgh and need storage solution:

Searching for storage capacities in Pittsburgh might not be a bad idea if you need to clear out a couple of rooms before the moving day.

4# Pack your clothes for moving day

  • Wardrobe boxes are great if you want to make sure your clothes don’t get all wrinkled and are protected from filth and dust. They are more expensive than regular ones, but they pay out in the long run – you will not have to pay for dry cleaning after unpacking. And, if you have some – don’t be afraid to use them! They’re really easy to use: you simply take hanging clothes out of your dresser and hang them on the metal bar in the wardrobe box. That’s it!
  • Suitcases are another great way to pack your clothes for moving day. You’ll have to move them to the new address, anyway, so put some clothes inside of them. They’re good for transporting heavier, more delicate and expensive items. So, why not? Give your luggage a double duty!
  • If you have piles of clothes that are not so delicate, you should get some vacuum bags. They might wrinkle some of your items, but they are so efficient, that you won’t even mind in the end! Vacuum sealed bags can hold more clothes than you can think with the air taken out of them. This is especially useful for out-of-season clothes – you can put them directly into the closet in your new house without unpacking.
  • Use regular boxes for shoes and accessories. Try using old ones that you already have, or get some new ones. You will need different sizes of boxes. Make sure to strengthen the bottom of each box so they don’t crack under pressure, and then organize the weight equally. As for the shoes, first, pack the pairs into separate bags and then into the box. This will prevent your shoes from clinging to each other, and you will not have to look for another pair when things shift in transportation. As for the accessories, try sorting before putting everything in the box. You can protect them with towels that you don’t have anywhere to pack and save some space!

Roll or fold?

You must decide for yourself whether you want to fold or roll up your clothes. This depends solely on you and what you prefer. It might be easier for you to fold everything now, so when you arrive at a new house you just transfer clothes from boxes to the closet.

If you want to use as much space as possible, then roll up your clothes. Yes, you will need more time to unpack, but this method will save you a great deal of space and time while packing. Also, this will prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled during the transportation!

Pile of clothes, as an example of how to pack your clothes for the moving day.
You can pack your clothes for moving day however you like – fold it or roll it!

 5# Label everything

It is important to label everything when you pack your clothes for moving day. Don’t just label each box with its contents. Write down the room in which it belongs. You will be glad you did when you start unpacking. You should use markers or tapes in different colors and label each box as clearly as possible, and prevent any confusion from happening.

6# Get help

Moving is a busy time. Chances are, you will need some help. Leave the heavy lifting to the movers. By hiring a reliable moving company, you won’t have to worry about lifting and carrying any of the boxes down the stairs. You can just concentrate on how to pack your clothes for moving day. If you are moving to Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania, look for moving and storage Pittsburgh companies, before you start sweating. This way, your clothes will be transferred by professionals, and no harm will be done. You can sit back and relax.








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