How to Clean a New Home Before Move in?

Moving into a new home can be exhausting. You are already changing so much and parting ways with a home where many memories were made. But, the fun part of moving is thinking about what should go where. Before you unload the moving truck and start arranging furniture, you need to check off some stuff from the moving list first. Well, one of them is for sure that you have to clean a new home before move in.

When Moving of America – NJ Movers relocate your belongings into your new home, it’s time for unpacking. But before you get on the work you need to make sure that your new home is ready for moving in. Like, do you have enough storage for your stuff or you need some help for unpacking. But the most important thing to do is to clean a new home before move in.

Cleaning together
If you can’t do the cleaning by yourself, get help from a friend or professional.

How to clean a new home before move in

When you are moving in, whether you’re renting or buying a new place, you have to make sure it’s clean. It’s not that hard, as you need to know how to choose the suitable storage space. Because the person or people who lived there before you, might be left behind some dirt, grime, and dust. You will want to take care of that and clean a new home before move in. Unless you’ve just moved in to brand new construction, that blank slate isn’t quite as blank as it looks. Either way, you have to get on the cleaning before you start opening boxes. But if you have to wait until after you move that’s fine – just don’t skip the clean entirely. It doesn’t take much time, just a day or two.

Just like you can hire special assistance for your fine art relocation you can hire professional cleaners. Some cleaners spend the most time cleaning the kitchen. Between refrigerators and ovens and cabinets, it’s no wonder! Just how much house cleaning you do will depend on whether the previous owners had pets or kids. And how clean is “clean enough” for you.


When you have to clean a new home before move in you should start with the kitchen. First off, vacuum underneath or behind your fridge. After you vacuum, use a coil cleaning brush for thorough cleaning. Clean out the refrigerator and wipe down the interior with a cleaning solution. While you’re at it, flush your water heater to clear out any sediment and check if your air filters need to be replaced. For dirty ovens, you can use baking soda and vinegar for overnight cleaning. Clean a food-spattered microwave by zapping a bowl of water and lemon juice for 3 minutes then wiping the interior.

You should clean a new home before move in, and start with kitchen.
Get the kitchen first, and then move on!

Home cleaning tips with vinegar and baking soda are the best. You can use them for stained laminate, just add water to form a paste over the stain and let it sit overnight. Also, you can remove stains on granite as well with different methods depending on the stain. Clean the sink and faucet to make it shine. Wipe out the area under the sink, too.

Living Room and Bedrooms

Start from the top. For all rooms, use an extendable duster to get webs out of corners and to clean ceiling sections. Clean door frames, spot clean and patch walls, and then dust and wipe down baseboards throughout. Then get to clean windows and glass doors with a no streak window cleaning. Vacuum carpet thoroughly, using a deep cleaner if needed. For maple, sweep up dust and hair, then apply a maple floor cleaner to remove marks.


As soon as you are finished with cleaning you can relax and pick what to wear on moving day. But before that use a glass cleaner to shine up mirrors and other reflective surfaces in the bathroom. Got soap scum and dried toothpaste in the sink? Distilled white vinegar is your solution. It can also help with a dirty shower. Also, you can use it on to clean all the surfaces of the toilet with a disinfecting bathroom cleaner. Then, sweep and mop the floor.

Broom, ragpicker, mop
Cleaning tools!

A number of chemicals are available to clean your bathroom, but a paste of baking soda and vinegar also works well. Use this on the tub and sink. Clean glass shower doors with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle. Use vinegar in the toilet and scrub with a scrub brush. Some people like to replace the toilet seat in a new home. A simple toilet seat swap will help you feel like the home is really yours. Also, it will keep you from worrying about what happened in it before you got the keys.


When it comes to floors, the best would be is to wait to be the last to clean in every room. It pays to rent or purchase a steam cleaner, or hire someone to steam clean for you. Steam cleaning removes tough stains and provides a deep clean, even getting rid of pet smells.

You can also steam clean sealed hardwood floors if you have the right equipment. Do not steam clean hardwood floors that have not been sealed, as water could leak in and ruin the floor. Murphy’s Oil Soap is doing a great job cleaning hardwood.


And last but not least – walls. One thing you’ll probably never have to do again unless you have young kids is to wash down the walls in your new home. But it pays to do it once unless you plan on painting immediately. Wash walls with a solution of water and vinegar, which is safe on most surfaces. Pay close attention to corners, where dirt and cobwebs collect, and areas up to about waist-level if the previous owner had kids. Remove tough stains or crayon marks with a Magic Eraser-type product.

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