Hiring someone to do your packing: a simple guide

During any relocation, there are many things you can do yourself, and many you can pay someone else to do for you. When it comes to the move itself, many people choose to hire a professional moving company. This isn’t always the case for packing, as people don’t generally think they should be hiring someone to do this. Hiring someone to do your packing really isn’t that common but sometimes you don’t have a choice. And even if you do, packing is very exhausting and time-consuming, so hiring someone to do your packing might not be such a bad idea. But, what does it really mean, to hire someone to do your packing? Who does it, and what does it consist of? Let’s check out this guide for a better explanation.

  1. Who should I hire to do my packing?

Packing done by professionals
Hiring packing companies

There are many companies that do professional packing, but these are usually daughter firms of moving companies, created by people with tons of experience in moving industry. They have seen it all and know how to deal with it.  After so many years of relocating goods, they know how to handle just about anything.  They are equipped to pack carton without over doing it or leaving it half empty, and they know how to take special care of fragile items. Truth be told, they will probably take better care of your things than you could ever do. They will listen to your concerns and act accordingly. They are highly skilled professionals and more often than not they know exactly what they are doing. Hiring someone to do your packing can really be a game changer when it comes to relocating.

  1. What will the people I hire for this job do?

One thing that the packing companies do that we don’t even think about is protecting our home from getting damaged during the packing. Before this, of course, they will get detailed instructions on how to proceed. After these two things, they will bring a ton of packing materials. They use some things that can make packing easy that many people haven’t even heard of.  What usually happens is that the people from the packing company will split into different rooms, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. What they will most certainly do is make sure that your properties are not damaged during the move. Of course, there are never guarantees, as there are things we can’t plan and predict for, but they will certainly do their best in order to prevent any damage.

Can you trust packing companies
What can I expect from packing companies?

One of the reasons why hiring someone to do your packing is so quick and efficient is because packers aren’t emotionally attached to our things like we are and they will be able to pack them all without taking the time to remember some important life event. That is why packing with your friends and family lasts so long and isn’t productive at all. In order to make your life easier, remove everything that you will not carry with you, so you will not have to give them any further instructions and confuse them. There are many tips about decluttering you can find online. If there is something that stays in your house but it is not meant to be packed just make sure that it is properly labeled and that you have given clear instructions to the packers.

It is your job to determine that everything has been packed, nothing has been left, and there isn’t something you necessarily need but hasn’t been packed. If you are not satisfied or you want something done differently, you need to vocalize your concerns with the packers.

  1. What will they not do?

In addition to many things that the packing company will do for you, it is important to pay attention to things that don’t fit into their job description:

  • Packing companies don’t label boxes, so if you want this done, and you should, you should do it by yourself. You can find useful tips
  • They will most certainly not question or judge your belongings and you based o everything they find in your house
  • Their job isn’t to do the cleaning, so make sure every object is in its best shape in order not to cause any inconvenience
  • Packers will not do their job if you are not present. There is no need for crowd, but at least one person has to be with them at all times. This is to protect them as well as you.
  • Packers aren’t responsible for anyone in the house that might get hurt, such as pets and children. Make sure that they are not present during the packing process.

Choosing not to hire someone to do your packing, means that you will have to do everything yourself. This might be completely okay when it comes to small apartments but if we are talking about a house that means that you are really in for a treat. Packing sometimes takes up to full ten days, during which you won’t even be able to freely move around your house. And if you have kids that will cause a great disturbance in their lives. It is important to know in which situations it is better to hire someone and save yourself the trouble.

Hiring packing companies
How will hiring someone to pack my things benefit me?

If you do choose to hire someone to do your packing, make sure that you understand what is their responsibility and what is yours. Their time is as precious as yours and they do not want to be kept waiting. Remove everything you don’t need packed from your house or label them clearly, in order not to create any confusion. Clean the house and all the items, and make sure they don’t have to deal with kids and pets or your mom telling them what to do. Stand out of their way and let them do their job, you might be surprised with their efficiency.

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