Why Hiring a Professional Moving Service Is a Smart Move

The question whether to consider hiring a professional moving service or moving yourself is an immensely important decision, as it will determine the nature and the course of all following steps of the moving process.

And truth be told, it can be tough to keep track of the current moving landscape and all the services, prices and packages that local moving companies offer.

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The question whether to consider hiring a professional moving service


Truly professional moving services are known for adjusting to the demands of their clients, which is why their offers tend to change from time to time. The prices or the way how you moved a few years ago could easily be very different from today’s point of view. Answering questions like How much do reliable local movers it cost? Is hiring a professional moving service really worth it? Can’t I do it myself, or at least part of it? should be at the top of your moving checklist.

Let us – as moving experts – help you answer those questions.

So, what exactly are the biggest advantages of hiring a professional moving service as opposed to moving yourself?


  1. Hiring Professionals Will Save You Tons of Precious Time.

Not only are local movers familiar with the neighborhood, the required permissions and how to handle parking lot issues, they will be way faster and more efficient.


Moving services that are smart and professional have tons of experience, and a whole bunch of quality people working for them. They’ve probably been through all the things than can go wrong, they’ve carried thousands of boxes and they’ve packed and wrapped up everything from aprons to zircons.

They’ve also probably broken more than a few things before they became pros – enough to know how to pack and carry them appropriately the next time. Experience really matters.

Moving company
how to pack and carry


  1. Having Pros Around Makes the Moving Process Incomparably Less Stressful.

If you’ve moved before, you might remember that particular moment when you realized that you have about as much stuff as the average hoarder.
At least it will feel that way. And the fact is, it’s a lot, and it’s a lot more than just putting it into a box.
Take a look at your kitchen. How many things, dishes, appliances are there? How many boxes would you need? Which size? What wrapping material should you use? And where can you buy them? Oh, and how about that sensitive rustic table? And can you disassemble your dishwasher without ruining it?
Those are things you can ask a trusted local moving company to take care of. They won’t do it for free, but breaking or mishandling your things might cost you even more. No fixing, no driving around town in search of packaging supplies, no online crash courses on how to handle different appliances.


  1. You Can Pick Their Brain About Everything You Need to Know About Moving.

Knowing someone who knows all the tricks and the entire moving procedure inside out – and having him or her just a phone call away can be a big plus.

If you hire a professional moving service, you’re not necessarily just hiring a bunch of helpers to carry your boxes. You’re also hiring a service that is able to pass on some actionable advice on moving, which can, in fact, help you save money and time – if you find the right guys (or gals!).

So, investing time and effort into finding a local moving company that offers those kind of flexible and customer-friendly services is worth a lot. If they really are a professional moving service, they’ll be there to give you some tips on how to make your move more efficient.


  1. Many Professional Moving Services Now Offer Different Types of Insurances.

Another great way to minimize the risk of having additional costs or losing things is to look for trusted moving companies that offer moving insurances. Considering that fact that vans might get stolen, boxes or property can get damaged, purchasing a solid insurance could be a very smart investment that will keep you on the safe side.

The moving service would thereby be accountable and would have to make sure that everything arrives safely at the new location.

Keep in mind that it’s usually best to ask several moving companies for an offer and then compare the different levels of liability coverage they provide.


  1. You’ll Be Back on Track Way Faster Than After a DIY Move.

Being faster doesn’t just mean the painful days of living with/in/around/under boxes are finally over (and everyone who tried to boil two tiny eggs in an even tinier turkish coffee pot after a long day of tripping over an arsenal of boxes knows how exhausting this is).

Being faster is more than that.

If you work at a company, being faster means you won’t have to use potential vacation days for your move. If you’re self-employed, it’s even more important to be able to continue with your usual schedule almost right away. If not, you might end up losing clients and money, which you thought you could save by doing everything yourself.


  1. You’ll Have Cost Transparency.

By hiring a professional moving service, you know how much you’ll spend. No hidden costs, no pricey surprises.

What many movers tend to forget, is that it is quite tricky to determine the exact costs of moving yourself in advance. Many go for seemingly affordable deals, which then turn out to be nightmares for unexpected reasons or reasons they simply haven’t considered.
And DIY moves can have extra costs too. If you’re moving yourself, you’ll have to pay not just for truck rentals, gas and food, but maybe also for supplies, hotel accommodations and parking lots.
Each of these can seriously affect your budget: van costs often skyrocket if you happen to need them longer than expected, and by leaving your full van on a parking lot overnight, you risk losing all your personal belongings.

Professional moving services handle all of this for you.

Sure, it depends on the exact deal you choose, but if you chose a pro, the whole moving process will be transparent, fast, and your things will arrive safely. And you don’t have to promise to help them move their stuff in return :).

The smartest move would definitely be to get multiple bids, and compare the rates of the different moving companies. This way, you’ll know that you and your home are in safe hands.




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