Guide to decluttering your NYC apartment before moving out

Whether you’ve found a new dream apartment or a job in another borough, moving out is usually a big step. Preparing for relocation, however, usually makes you forget the good in the whole process, as you’re left to deal with organizing your belongings for transfer. But, a fresh start doesn’t mean carrying all your old stuff with you. So, let’s look at the steps you need to take when decluttering your NYC apartment before moving out. Get your boxes out, and prepare for a purge!

Let go of sentimentality before decluttering your NYC apartment

It’s one thing to be anticipating what your new life will look like and quite another to realize it. For example, we all dream of ample space, but rarely know how to make do with space we already have. In order to use up all the space we have at our disposal, we need to put it in front of unnecessary items. Yes, that means even some items that have sentimental value need to go. Believe it or not, sentimental clutter is still just that – clutter. In fact, the more you seem reluctant to let go of stuff, the more you actually need to.

Piling up stuff not only causes a lack of space but impacts us on many other levels too. For example, there are studies showing that it’s causing us stress and taking a toll on our mental health. And it’s not just about living space, the benefits of a clutter-free office are the same too. With this in mind, prioritizing what we keep is essential when decluttering our NYC apartment. With regards to moving, purging unnecessary items can even turn out to be a money saver. After all, the less stuff you transfer, the lower the total weight.

an iphone with a broken display
Old electronics don’t serve any purpose and are usually outdated. Free your space by throwing them away

Strategy is key

Before you move, a reliable moving company like Zenith Moving NYC will set a moving estimate so they can determine your final bill. Of course, this means you’ll have to finish decluttering your NYC apartment before you start packing.

It’s easy to mistake decluttering as easy and leave it until the last minute, but it’s actually more of a pre-move as well as pre-pack tasks. Another reason why it’s one of the most common moving mistakes to avoid is that it helps you clean your space so you can plan the packing more effectively.

So, how do you go about deciding what goes and what stays? We understand that it can be quite overwhelming to part with some of the items you’ve been holding on to for years. But, worry not, as there are many methods which will help you sort your items. The key is to start accessing your items according to their productivity, and not sentimentality. Your living space will be much more organized, breathable, and overall visually pleasing if you adopt a minimalist approach.

Apply the Three box method

We’ve mentioned that there are some useful strategies to help you decide what you should get rid of before moving. Among numerous options, the most popular, as well as the easiest one to conduct is the so-called three-box method. In fact, if you’ve read a bit about moving advice, you’ve probably already stumbled upon it. In fact, it’s reoccurring in many articles for a good reason – and that is simply because it works. This effective strategy requires you have three large cardboard boxes. One is for the stuff you’ll keep, one for donating and the third, of course, for throwing away.

In fact, you can even use this opportunity of decluttering your NYC apartment to make an inventory list of your items. Not only will it be useful to keep track of all your items, but you’ll be making it easier for the movers as well. You’ll be making things easier on packers too. Of course, that’s only if you decide to hire professionals to help you pack your stuff. They will do so more effectively and swiftly when all your stuff is concentrated in one place.

Rent a storage unit

But not everything can be thrown away or donated either. What happens if your sofa is simply not fitting into your new apartment? Maybe the color doesn’t suit it, or maybe the new place is already fully furnished, yet you might use your old sofa sometime in the future? With such bulky and often expensive items, purging is not always the right answer. So, a great solution is renting storage where your belongings will be safe. This way, they will be available to you yet won’t take up space in your new apartment.

However, don’t get too comfortable and start cramming everything in your storage unit. It’s great if you want to store your fine art safely, but don’t go overboard. Can you really say that overfilling your unit is the same as decluttering your NYC apartment? It’s more like you’re moving the clutter from point A to point B. Not to mention that you’ll need to pay for a much larger unit if you hoard your belongings.

a storage warehouse you can rent a storage unit in when decluttering your NYC apartment
Having a storage unit means you get to keep your most valuable items without cramming them in your new apartment

Make your guidelines and adhere to them

In the end, the process of decluttering is really what you make it. Some decide to just empty their drawers of a few trifles, while others really take this seriously and move quite lightly to their new place. It’s important to write down your guidelines and know what you want to accomplish while decluttering your NYC apartment prior to relocation. Here are a few examples to give you an idea:

  • get rid of the gadgets you aren’t using – they’re only taking up space
  • throw away duplicate household items
  • lonely lids need to go as well
  • old media – you can mount them on a flash drive so nothing is lost

Remember, you’re starting a brand new chapter. Leaving the old behind is paramount if you really want to start anew.


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