How to find reliable and cheap movers

Millions of Americans move each year. We do it for various reasons. It’s in our American nature to constantly be on the lookout for better opportunities. It could be a new job that’s causing us to pack our belongings and go across the country. Or maybe we are relocating to another city nearby to pursue a better education. Love is an everlasting reason for moving. Some folks move to start fresh, rebuild their life from scratch. If you are among the moving mass you are probably asking yourself many moving related questions. One of them definitely being – how to find reliable and cheap movers?

Being aware that moving is a complicated and time-consuming process, you might be feeling overwhelmed about it already. Even though moving requires a lot of effort, it can be made easier with help of the right moving company.  In order to help you deal with the search for reliable and cheap movers, we have made a guide. Read on and pick up some basic rules to follow.

The question is - how to find cheap and reliable movers?
The question is – how to find a moving company that is both cheap and reliable?

Time is of essence when hiring reliable and cheap movers

There are three possible scenarios when hiring a moving company to help you relocate. You can either do it quickly, without investing much time in your research. You just go with the only available option on a short notice. In this scenario, you hire expensive movers. There’s a strong chance they are reliable, too. If you can afford this financially and you’re pressed for time – you will go with this option. Another way this can go down is the following. You’ve got some time before the move, but you’re short on cash. You do a quick internet search, and you go with the cheapest offer. You cross your fingers and hope your things find their way to your new home. In this scenario, you hire cheap movers.

But, if you want to hit the sweet spot and find movers that are both cheap and reliable, like this international moving company in NYC, you will need to put in some time and effort. Time is a crucial factor if you want to achieve this goal. You need sufficient time to carry out different phases, before committing to a moving company:

  • Research phase – In this phase, you need enough time to read about companies, search for movers online and in the newspaper. Ask around with colleagues and friends, if anyone can confirm the reputation of a certain company you’re considering.
  • Meet the potential movers’ phase – If you are determined to find reliable and cheap movers, you will have to meet with at least 3 prospective moving companies. You need to find time in your schedule for those meetings. During them, you will have a chance to see the movers in person. If something seems off during the meeting, trust your gut. Avoid movers who seem sketchy to you. They usually are.
  • Deciding phase – Once you’ve met with the prospective movers, you need a day or two to think it true. Don’t rush into signing any binding contracts.

Ask the right questions

When you are entrusting your valuable belongings into the hands of complete strangers, there are some questions that you absolutely must ask. These questions will help you determine whether you are dealing with reliable or fraudulent movers.

Asking the right questions will land you reliable and cheap movers
Questions you ask will help you see who are you dealing with.

Ask about the type of estimate

When negotiation with movers, there are two kinds of estimates you can get. A binding and a non-binding estimate. The first one is a binding legal document. If you sing it, you are obliged to pay that price. The second one gives you a rough estimated price, but it doesn’t have legal power.

Ask about additional fees

While you are inquiring about the estimated price, ask about any additional costs. For example, some companies charge extra for carrying heavy furniture up or down the stairs. If you don’t want to be in for a surprise, make sure you’re on the same page.

Ask about their previous experience

Ask them frankly how long have they been in the moving business. If a company has been at it for years, they are likely to be reliable. Like this company, that can help you with moving to New York. On the other hand, new companies on the market might still be in the learning phase. You don’t want to be the mistake they learn from.

Ask about their USDOT number

USDOT number is assigned to companies who transport passengers or cargo. Every reputable moving company has it. Otherwise, they would be braking the law and wouldn’t be reputable. It’s a good sign if an employee of the company gives it right away. Nonetheless, run it and make sure they are who they say they are.

Ask about the delivery date

Agree clearly about the delivery time and date. It’s important to specify when your belongings will arrive. Dependable movers will provide this information without a problem. If they don’t follow through on time, you will be entitled to a partial reimbursement.

Ask about their way of handling your things

This question is important if you have belongings that need special tending to. For instance, glass furniture needs extra protection. Also, plants need to treated with care. Sometimes they even require special air conditioning to stay alive and well during the move. Emphasize any special requirements you might have. Ask about their way of dealing with it. We are stressing again, inquire about the price of those services.

Get your things ready and close to the door.
Get your things ready and close to the door.

After following these steps, you should have both reliable and cheap movers working with you. Our last piece of advice is about cutting costs. Do everything that you can yourself. Pack up your things into boxes yourself. You should label them and get them to the doorway. If you have heavy pieces of furniture upstairs, move it down by yourself. All of these actions could be charged.  

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